The Basics of Laser Hair Removal You Need to Know

There are a lot of hair removal methods available for those who aren’t keen on body hair in certain areas and who would prefer smooth legs, underarms, bikini lines, etc. While all options can achieve the desired results, some of these methods can be painful, leave your skin feeling irritated, and often need repeating within a matter of days or a couple of weeks. If you are getting fed up with having to stay on top of your hair removal routine so regularly or are looking for a more comfortable alternative, you may have already been thinking about laser hair removal. However, before you move forward with this plan, you should know the basics.

It Isn’t Painless

How uncomfortable you will find laser hair removal will have a lot to do with your pain threshold, and while this procedure is considered to be less painful than waxing, for example, it isn’t completely devoid of discomfort. Laser hair removal can leave your skin feeling tender and slightly irritated in the hours after your session, and you may notice that your skin is pink or red for a few hours or up to a day afterward as well. Although this method of hair removal can be a less painful option compared to some others, it’s important to note that you will likely experience some tenderness and mild irritation temporarily as a result.

It Doesn’t Last Forever

Laser hair removal is often referred to as a permanent solution to hair removal, but this isn’t strictly true. This method does last much longer than other hair removal methods. It can even be effective for years before you notice regrowth. However, this will depend a lot on the individual and other factors that can impact hair growth. You will need to return for several sessions before you see the results that you want, and while this method of hair removal certainly does last much longer than others, don’t be surprised if a few years from now, you do see hair growth in these areas again – although it may not be as thick as it was before. You can find out more about hair regrowth by having a consultation with laser hair removal practitioners such as Dermani Medspa.

The Cost

Laser hair removal can appear to be one of the most expensive hairs removal methods, and you will need to have repeated sessions to see the desired results. Some salons, spas, etc., might offer several sessions as a package deal, rather than individually priced sessions, but you might need more afterward, depending on the results. However, laser hair removal can be worth the expense, particularly when you factor in the longer-lasting effects of this method compared to others. Not only is this much more convenient in terms of your time, but it may even work out as a cheaper way to manage your hair removal in the long term too, allowing you to save on repeated waxing appointments, razors and shaving creams, or other methods of hair removal you currently use.

Like anything, there are pros and cons to laser hair removal that you need to consider, but if you have been considering it lately, remember these basic points to help you make up your mind and speak to a consultant for further information.


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