What Distinguishes Premade Fans from Promade Fans? 

Premade and promade fans are the two most often used procedures in the eyelash extension industry. Despite their similar sounds, there are clear distinctions between the two that make them unique. This thorough tutorial will examine the differences between readymade and promade fans, including their look, application techniques, and method of manufacturing. When selecting the best technique for a client’s desired lash appearance, lash artists and clients may make more educated choices if they are aware of these variances.

Creation Process

The primary difference between promade and readymade fans is in the creation procedure. Individual lash extensions are used by lash artists to create premade fans, in which many lashes are carefully spaced out and joined at the root with a tiny bit of glue. This complex procedure makes it possible to precisely alter the fan’s density, curl, and form to provide a customized appearance for every customer. Promade fans, on the other hand, are already made by manufacturers with the use of a machine that joins many lash extensions to form pre-fanned strips or clusters. The fans produced by this mass-production method have constant sizes and shapes, making them a practical option for lash artists who would rather apply makeup more quickly.

Application Method

Premade and promade fan applications are also very different from one another. Each natural lash must have a premade fan placed specifically on it by a lash artist who will carefully choose the fan and use glue to secure it to the lash. This painstaking procedure guarantees a flawless blend with the client’s natural lashes by enabling exact placement and personalization. On the other hand, pre-made fans are applied in strips or clusters. Therefore, you can always simplify your beauty routine with premade fans by Lashes by RK. You can consult a professional lash artist who can choose the right pre-fanned strip or cluster and adhere it straight to the natural lash line. For customers who would like to apply lash extensions more quickly, this approach is the best choice because it is both faster and more efficient.

Customization and Versatility

The adaptability and personalization of prefabricated fans are two of its main advantages. The lash artist can customize the form, density, and curl of each prefabricated fan to match the client’s lash type and preferences because each fan is manufactured by hand. With this degree of personalization, the lash artist may build a particular set of lashes that accentuate the client’s distinct eye shape and facial characteristics, resulting in a more individualized and natural-looking lash extension outcome. However, because promade fans are pre-made by manufacturers in predefined sizes and forms, there aren’t many customization possibilities available. 

Appearance and Texture

Because of the differences in their production and application techniques, prefabricated and promade fans also have different looks and textures. Because premade fans are handmade with individual lash extensions, they typically have a softer and more natural-looking texture. This enables a smooth transition into the client’s natural lashes, producing a finish that is both lightweight and voluminous. Premade fans also allow for a more feathery and airy appearance due to their handcrafted nature, which adds to the overall attractiveness of the lash extension outcome. However, because they are mass-produced, promade fans have a little stronger feel and could seem more consistent in shape and density. 

Durability and Longevity

A further point to compare between promade and readymade fans is how lengthy and durable they are. Premade fans are often more durable and long-lasting than promade fans since they are handmade by lash artists using premium lash extensions and glue. Premade fans are positioned individually to create a stronger bond with the natural lashes, which makes for a more stable and long-lasting grip. Premade fans are also more durable because of their density and unique form, which are designed to resist regular use and hold their shape over time. 

Premade and promade fans have different qualities and advantages, but they differ in terms of how they are made, how they are applied, how they look, and how long they last. Premade fans are created by lash artists by hand; they provide flexibility, adaptability, and a natural-looking finish, but applying them takes more effort and expertise. Promade fans, on the other hand, are manufactured in advance and offer speed, uniformity, and ease of use, but they may not last as long and offer fewer customization choices. 

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