5 Do’s and Don’ts of Staying Productive While Using Weed

When it comes to smoking weed, sometimes productivity becomes an issue. Obviously, when you smoke marijuana, you can end up hurting your productivity by falling into the couch and just getting a little bit too relaxed. It’s also true that if you consume too much cannabis, you can lose your ability to focus on specific tasks. Anyone who’s ever smoked or used THC understands exactly how this works.

So here’s the question:

How can you manage using weed in your day-to-day life, while also being productive enough to get everything done that needs to get done?

This is a great question.

And in this blog post, we’re going to share five do’s and don’ts of staying productive while using weed. Utilizing these tips, you should have zero problems keeping productivity high while also enjoying your favorite organic substance.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Do Limit Your Intake

It’s important to limit your intake of marijuana if you want to be productive. Now, the tricky thing about this is that everyone will have a slightly different limit. Everybody is different. Everyone’s tolerance is slightly different. And weed affects different people in different ways. So the trick is to understand your own limitations and to try to find some consistency in your smoking habits.

2. Do Understand Your Limits

If you’ve ever smoked just a little bit too much weed and gotten a little bit ‘too high,’ then you understand exactly what this tip is saying.

Sometimes, you may be able to smoke enough to get really blitzed.

The problem is that when this happens, it can be really difficult (if not impossible) to stay as productive as you need to be to get your daily tasks accomplished.

So make sure to know your limits.

Understand how much weed it takes to get you blitzed to the point of nonproductivity, and then stay away from that limit until your to-do list is done.

3. Don’t Operate Dangerous Machinery

It’s absolutely true that marijuana can impair your ability to operate heavy machinery safely.

For this reason, it’s always a better idea to hold off on smoking until after you’ve gotten this dangerous work accomplished.

Whether you’re going to be driving a car, using a forklift, or operating some kind of power tool—it’s always a better idea to wait until the dangerous work is done before consuming any cannabis.

4. Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

At some point in the day, you may ask yourself:

“Will it negatively affect my day to smoke one more time?”

Here’s the thing.

In order for our lives to continue to function as normal, we need to continue to stay responsible.

So if you’re in doubt about whether or not you should smoke (and whether or not that additional partaking will push you over the functional limit), well, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Do Consider Using Tinctures As Opposed To Smoking

Smoking is an extremely effective and efficient method for partaking in cannabis.

But here’s the thing.

Tinctures may actually be even more efficient.

Plus, they give you the power to be so consistent with your cannabis use that you can really regulate your intake.

This makes tinctures perfect for something like micro-dosing, where you want to ingest just enough to give you a low-level desired effect without overdoing it.

Some people microdose with tinctures throughout the day to help them avoid accidentally smoking too much.

And to be honest, this works pretty well.

Veriheal discusses this in-depth in a recently written blog post, titled: A Quick Start Guide to Making Cannabis Tinctures.

“Cannabis tinctures are relatively new on the scene compared to the long, thousands-year-old history of the cannabis plant itself. It was first recognized for its medicinal use in European medicine in 1839, and by 1851, medicinal cannabis tinctures had made their way into a drug almanac known as the United States Pharmacopeia. Despite prohibition throughout the decades, tinctures have prevailed as an excellent (and smoke-free) consumption method for medicinal and recreational cannabis users alike.”


There you have it. Five do’s and don’ts of staying productive while using weed. Hopefully, this post has given you some food for thought Equipped with this knowledge, you can now stay productive while also enjoying your favorite organic plant. Good luck!


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