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Roshni Bhatia: Bio, Age, Instagram, Husband

Roshni Bhatia is a fashion influencer and a blogger who makes different content on Instagram and youtube, particularly related to fashion and beauty. Born on August 28, 1986, Roshni resides in Delhi and is happily married with a kid. Despite facing emotional and financial issues in the past, she got through them and is now one of the biggest names in the fashion influencer industry. Her age is 36 years.

Roshni Bhatia Body Stats

Roshni Bhatia stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, her weight is around 55kgs and has natural black-brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her body stats are- 32-28-32, She hasn’t undergone any surgery and is very much into skincare routines.

Roshni Bhatia Early Life

Roshni Bhatia was born on August 28, 1986, in a middle-class family. She was born and bought up in Delhi, by a single mother at her maternal home. Roshni completed her English Honours at Khalsa College. She is a Virgo and belongs to the Hindu religion. She is indeed a religious follower of Sadguru.

Roshni Bhatia Relationships

Roshni Bhatia age of 21, Roshni Bhatia got married, she was in an abusive relationship, she said “ He’d demand that I try to look like the taller and prettier women he knew. And, he’d keep reinforcing that I wasn’t beautiful at all – I was even made to sleep with make-up on because he couldn’t stand to look at me without it. She was married off really early because her family wasn’t financially stable and her husband was rich but abused her mentally. She felt less like a human and more like an object. Her mother in law said ‘All men are like that, you just have to deal with it.’ 

She decided to take a divorce while she was pregnant and she shifted with her mom. At that point, she was struggling with jobs. She used to work during the day and at that time her husband used to threaten her that he would take away his son. She was working as an assistant in a company where she met Piyush who helped her through all the court hearings. In 2016 she got full custody of her child- Arjun. In 2017 Roshni Bhatia and Piyush Sethi got married happily ever after.

Roshni Bhatia Career

She started working in a private firm to meet her daily expenses. In 2017, she joined POPXO and worked there as A Fashion Producer. A year later she started her own blog thechiquefactor and gained lots of popularity through it. She then left POPXO and started creating content on YouTube and Instagram.

Roshni Bhatia
Fashion influencer Roshni Bhatia

She has endorsed many skincare and designer brands, she sure earns a lot through these collaborations. Her sense of style is very chic and classy, it’s a mix of sexy and elegant. We love how she has grown and evolved herself by being truly independent.


  • Roshni Bhatia’s first ever car was the Hyundai i10.
  • She promotes various renowned brands on her social media.
  • She loves shopping.
  • Roshni loves spending time with her son- Arjun.
  • She has been featured in various magazines like Vogue and the peacock.

Her half face was featured on the Lace American Style packet.

Roshni Bhatia Social MEDIA

You can check out her Instagram for amazing fashion content. She has 575k followers on Instagram. She shares lots of fashion and beauty related videos and photos there. 

Roshni Bhatia Husband

Her husband – Piyush Sethi is a real estate and infrastructure agent. He has been a great support in her life.

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