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Barbara Mori: Bio, Age, Actress, Husband

Barbara Mori: Introduction

Barbara Mori is commonly known as a Mexican actress, model, celebrity and even producer too. However, many do call her the story of success as coming from Mexico and making a name in Hollywood is hard. It is still easier for Mexican heritage to live in the United States and then make an impact.  This does show a lot about Barbara and the impact she has made to keep on growing at the very best level.

It does show the name and fame she has grown coming from Mexico, where people do live in a far different manner than Hollywood. Some people do know her also as the ex-wife of Kenneth Ray Sigman and ex-partner of Sergio Mayer. There is a section who does know her for being the sister of Kenya Mori. She is a mother, a celeb and an inspiration to women around the world. It shows how hard work does pay off.

Barbara Mori Biography

Barbara Mori started her career in 1992 as a fashion model however her charm and her passion for acting landed Barbara on TV-hit Mirada De Mujer with TV Azteca. She not only acted in many in several Hollywood movies and TV shows but also landed herself a role in a Bollywood movie- Kites. An independent woman from 17 years of age, Barbara Mori has been an inspiration to many women out there. Kenneth Ray Sigman is her ex-husband.

Barbara did come to this world on 2 February 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, she is known as a Mexican actress. Know people do know her as the mother of actor Sergio Mayer Mori. Rubí (2004 TV series) is the series that made her famous to the level that she did not look back after. She is an Aquarius and does have Mexican nationality, of which she is very proud of.

From breaking up with Sergio Mayer to parting ways with Kenneth Ray Sigman, Barbara has seen all in her career. And hence, she has become famous the level most people can even dream of. Her commercial limelight came in 1998 and since then, she never looked back. This is what makes things special and creative at the same time.

Barbara Mori Physical Stats

A sensational model, Barbara Mori stands cut above the rest. Her body stats are 32-26-33 and stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, Her shoe size is 7 US. Her bra size is 32B. She has undergone any plastic surgeries or implants currently, and despite following all the latest trends, she has not put tattoos on her body.

It does show the different side of Barbara. Her fashion sense is a cut above the rest, for which she has been praised by many people around the world. Mostly one can see her carrying western outfits and many with black colour which does suit her body. The hair and eye colour of Barbara are dark brown.

Barbara Mori Childhood, Family, Education

Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori was born on 2 February 1978 in Uruguay, However, the Mexican actress was raised in Mexico, and hence she has American Mexican Uruguayan citizenship. Her mother represents Lebanese descent while her grandfather was Japanese, so as a result, she belongs to a multi-racial community.

Yuyi Mori is her father, while Rosario Ochoa is Barbara’s sweet and lovely mother. She has a great connection with her parents. The very fact indeed makes her cut above the rest. She grew up with Kenya Mori (sister) and Kintaro Mori (brother). She had a very decent childhood. Therefore, Barbara did enjoy most of her days while growing up. She did her get most of her studies in Mexico. However, her love was always to make a name in acting and modelling. Her age is 45 years.

“For me, the childhood I lived made me understand the values of life and how to format things in a manner one can feel special and let others feel well too. Hence, I always feel blessed to be the daughter of Yuyi Mori and Rosario Ochoa,” she said. It does show how connected she is with the roots of her family.

“During my childhood days, playing with dolls was the only thing we can do. It was not the high-tech world that kids do live in now and feel happy about. For us playing the part was the best thing we can do in a day, she added.

Personal Life Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori does have different sides to show in her personal life. She likes to have a close circle of some of her friends and family members with whom she does like to hang out or spend time. Other than keeping her place aesthetically pleasing, Barbara does like to set everything in a manner it should look proper. This is indeed what creates an impact in her life and lifts her persona in a positive manner.

She has lived with a partner and is married too. Hence, her personal life has seen many different chapters. Now it is all about enjoying the mid-age of her life, which she has done all the work and keeps on doing with enjoying the golden moments too, which does not happen in the case of celebs as they always look for inviting sad moments in life by overthinking. It is what makes Barbara a cut above the rest person.

Barbara Mori Husband, Love Life, Children 

Barbara Mori must have dated several hunks during her younger days. She is indeed a very good-looking lady, so it is not a huge surprise. Kenneth Ray Sigman was her husband. They married in 2016; however, the pair parted ways in 2017. It did not work very well for you. Mila Mayer Subtil is her grandchild. It might surprise many that she has a grandchild – but the fact is true. Sergio Mayer Mori is Barbara’s beloved boy. 

Barbara Mori has seen many phases in her life. However two of them lived in her memories forever. One was parting ways Sergio Mayer after just two years of living together back in 1998 and making the arrival of Sergio Mayer Mori in her life, or marrying with Kenneth Ray Sigman in 2016 and parting ways a year later in 2017. In total she has spent just three years in some fruitful relationships.

Her son has not become a star like she is but has started to work as an actor. Being a good-looking man, there are high chances of seeing the rapid growth in his life. The Patriarch (2016), Rebelde (2022) and Against the Wind (2011) are some of the projects he has been known for.

This does tell a lot about the life she has lived, where the only aim she had was to see her son become stable and independent and a good human. All said and done, she has achieved this role in a very good manner that other single mothers can also learn and implement in life. Now having a relationship with Fernando Rovzar also talk a lot and it seems she is living a fun life. She has served so many roles – but always took the decision that has helped everyone in a decent way.

Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori Professional Career 

Barbara Mori started her professional career in 1992. She did work with fashion designer Marcos Toledo who has indeed played a huge role in his career. Hence, she has made a great impact in movies too. She has worked with top fashion brands and magazines.

It indeed shows her impact at the highest level. In 2010, she even worked in the Bollywood movie Kites with famous actor Hrithik Roshan. Barbara has worked in more than 50 movies. It shows her class at the highest level. Many do see her as an inspiration to follow. 

At the time, she did the Kites movie many were thinking that she must have had a relationship with famous Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. But these rumours have nothing contrite to talk about. However, the movie she did back in 2010 made her famous in Bollywood to a greater level. She did play the character of Natasha/Linda in that movie.

In 2020, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the film El Complot Mongol. It is the only major nomination she has in films. Tric Trac did start her career as an actress in 1997. But she came to the limelight after 1998.

She has mostly worked in Mexican movies and series, with a bit of Hollywood and Bollywood work. It does show how well she has become a global face by working for different film industries and making a name which is well-respected. Hence, many can see her as one to follow and learn from.

Social Media   

Barbara Mori’s Instagram following is more than 2.6m followers. One can see her top modelling work on her Instagram account. She has made a great impact on Twitter and Facebook. It shows her class on social media. 

She does like to post things related to her current life and work mostly. One can see there that Barbara is a dog lover and does love to be around them. She just uses social media handles for promoting things in a better manner about what is happening in her life and keeps the fans up-to-date. After looking at her Instagram profile, a person can feel so pleased as the aesthetic she has created there shows the fact how much she loves to keep Insta what it was earlier. She is not like other models and actresses who are too obsessed with reels and all.     

Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori Net Worth

Barbara Mori’s net worth is estimated at around USD 3.1 million. She is a very rich lady who is well-respected around the world. 


Q Who Is Barbara Mori?

Barbara Mori is a famous Mexican actress, model, producer and writer.

Q Who Are Barbara Mori’s Parents?

Yuyi Mori and Rosario Ochoa are the father and mother of Barbara.

Q Where Was Barbara Born?

Barbara was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, she lived her childhood in her nation Mexico.

Q How Many Languages Does Barbara Mori Speak?

Barbara Mori is fluent in English, and Spanish. She does know some words of Hindi as he has worked in Bollywood

Q What Ethnicity Is Barbara Mori?

Barbara Mori has her parental roots in Japan from her grandfather’s side, while her mother represents Lebanese descent.

Q How Many Siblings Does Barbara Mori Have?

Barbara Mori is blessed to have two siblings named Kenya Mori and Kintaró Mori.

Q Who Was The Husband of Barbara Mori?

Kenneth Ray Sigman was the husband of Barbara. They married in 2016 and parted ways a year later (2017).

Q Did Barbara Mori and actor Sergio Mayer married?

They did live as a pair for two years but did not marry (1996 – 1998).

Q Who Is Children of Bárbara Mori?

Barbara Mori is blessed to have a child name Sergio Mayer Mori, who represents her time with Sergio Mayer.

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