Yashu Dhiman

Yashu Dhiman: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Life

Yashu is a bright and stunning Indian actress and model. She made her debut in the Punjabi film ‘Rose Ek Ajeeb Kahani’. Yashu Dhiman was born on 17 december 1990. Her age is 27 years.

Yashu Dhiman Early Life

Yashu Dhiman is the model and actress’ real name. Many people, including her relatives, refer to her as Yashu and she is Indian, as her place of origin suggests. Chandigarh, India, is where she grew up.  She and her family follow Hinduism. Dhiman was raised into a family of entrepreneurs.

Yashu is a model first then turned into an actor who has worked really hard to establish herself in the profession on her own, without any help or a business godfather. She began her acting career in Punjabi movies, starring in Rose- Ek Ajeeb Kahani.

Yashu Dhiman Career

Indian actress Yashu Dhiman is best known for her roles in the well-known mythological television series Pramavatar Shri Krishna. She was born in Chandigarh, Punjab, and started acting in her school when she was of 18. She has always had a great affinity for singing and performing. Her parents used to urge her to seek a future in the acting industry based on their assessment of her potential. She relocated to Mumbai in 2017 to further her career, when she met Vaibhav Mutha, the director of the Paramavatar: Shri Krishna television series, who offered her a role as Radha’s mother.

Yashu Dhiman Net Worth

According to the 2016 Economic Times, Yashu Dhiman has assets worth 17 crore.

Yashu Dhiman Physical Appearance

Yashu Dhiman stands 160 cm tall. Her length is 5 foot 3 inches if you translate it to feet. She is 1.60 meters tall if you convert the height to meters. Dhiman weighs 55 kg. Her hair is dark in tone. She also has brown eyes.


Co-actors frequently fall in love with one another after spending so many long hours together while filming a TV show. Fascinatingly, Dhiman & Pulkkit Sandhu met through a project that was never completed.

After a four-year romance, the two got married on 24 June in the latter’s birthplace of Delhi.

Yashu Dhiman Social Media

A restless traveller, an indie performer with popular appeal, a believer in limitless possibilities & a mobile artist. Yashu is cheerful & energetic. She combines wit & charm in a devastating way. Yashu Dhiman is a perfect example of a lady who emanates grace & beauty. She just has over 17,000 Instagram followers, which demonstrates her lack of influence. To reach her account on Instagram, type imyashudhiman into the search bar.


  • Yashu Dhiman was raised in a Chandigarh business class family where she was born and raised.
  • Her acting career began as a Punjabi actor.
  • She has acted in numerous Hindi TV series, including “Suhani Si Ek Ladki,” “Heroes- The Fightback Files,” “Paramavatar Shri Krishna,” and “Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga.”
  • Yashu has also made guest appearances in the TV series CID and Savdhaan India.
  • She appeared in the 2018 Punjabi song and video “Gal Ishaq Di.”
  • Yashu enjoys wearing saris.
  • She enjoys having animal buddies.

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