Maria Grazia Cucinotta, well there are not many popular faces than her Italy, United States and around the world. She is a well-known Italian model and actress. Maria Grazia Cucinotta Born on 27 July 1968, Maria’s birthplace is Messina, Italy. Messina is a beautiful Italian city. It is perhaps not as famous as Milan or Turin. However, Messina has its own magical aroma. 27 July makes Leo as her zodiac sign. Her nationality is American. Maria, who is a part of white ethnicity and roman roots, is a part of the Christian religion. Film Producer Giulio Violati is the husband of Maria. Her age is 54 years.

Physical Stats of Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is a face that captivates the world in a classical way. She always looks cut above the rest in a way. She stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Maria does make sure that she always looks better physically; hence, she weighs around 56 kg. Her body measurements are 38-28-38 inches. Her feet size is 9 (US). Maria does fancy making tattoos; however, she does not feel too obsessed with them. Just like several models and actresses, Maria has done cosmetic surgeries to make her style even better.   

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Early Life 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta was born and bred in Messina, Italy. Angelo Cucinotta is her father. She does have a proper connection with her father. Beautiful Giovanna Cucinotta is her beloved sister. She did get her basic education from Messina. However, her passion always touched with modelling and acting. In a way, it did make her famous during her school days. 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Love Life 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is the wife of famous film producer Giulio Violati. The pair married in 1995. It was a very classical marriage ceremony. They are blessed to have a beautiful daughter named Giulia Violati. Giulia indeed never felt far away from getting her beloved gifts while growing up. Maria loves Giulio from the bottom of her heart and sees her future only with him. Indeed, it is the reason behind their ever-lasting connection. 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Professional Career 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is indeed a famous Italian model and actress. However, she has also worked as a film producer and screenwriter. In 1990, she started her filmography journey Vacanze di Natale ’90. Since then, it has been impossible to keep her away from movies and series.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Famous actress Grazia Cucinotta

She has worked in several top movies and series in Italy, United Kingdom and the United States. It indeed shows her global impact. For her amazing acting, she has won several awards. Many do see her as a great inspiration to follow. Indeed, the way she has taken care of her professional career is magnificent.  

Social Media

Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s impact is special on social media, with over 440k followers on Instagram. One can see every part of her life on social media, from work to family life. 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Net Worth

Maria’s net worth is estimated at around USD 4 million. It shows that she is a very rich lady. 

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