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Eugenia Cauduro Introducation

Well, any model in Mexico would tell something about Eugenia Cauduro and how good she indeed is. It shows her impact in Mexico and North America.

Eugenia is known as an actress and ex-model, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico. She came from no family background in acting. Hence, it was even harder take for her to come ahead and start her journey at the top from the very start.

There is very hard to find a personality like Eugenia, who is just indeed out of this world. Eugenia came from the very bottom – and now the world does look like her oyster. It makes people believe that anything is possible in this brick-and-mortar world. It shows the great impact she has made. In a way, Eugenia does control her way very well. Hence, let us know more about beautiful Eugenia and her amazing journey.      

The way she has made it to the top by working hard as an actress does tell a lot about the hard work she has done since 1997.

“I did not have That big of a backing of rich family heritage in the acting or modelling market, hence, at that time, It was a challenging task to come up front and this does make me feel proud,” Eugenia said.


Bio of Eugenia Cauduro

Eugenia Cauduro is indeed a very good-looking Mexican actress and ex-model. Now, she can be named the legend of the field. Eugenia Cauduro Born on 20 December 1967, Eugenia’s birthplace is Mexico City, Mexico. Eugenia means flowering plants genus. It comes from the myrtle family Myrtaceae. This is the meaning of Eugenia’s name which does go with her personality.

20 December makes Sagittarius her zodiac sign. She shares her birthday with some other top names like Jonah Hill, JoJo (singer), Bob Morley, Jang Hyuk, Nazriya Nazim, Ashley Cole, Peter Criss and many others. However, she does not look obsessed with these astrological signs. Eugenia, who is a part of the white ethnicity and does follow the Latin fabric, is indeed a follower of the Christian religion. Enrique Moran is the ex-husband of Eugenia. Her age is 55 years. Sagittarius makes Turquoise her gemstone. But she has never been spotted wearing one in front of the media at all.

“I am a person who was born in a normal Mexican family with an aim to move ahead always.

“Now the world does know me as an actress and it is what makes defines me the very best,” she said when asked about defining her.  

Physical Stats of Eugenia Cauduro

A stunning lady with a magical aroma, Eugenia Cauduro stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. In her journey as a model, she kept her weight at a standard level. Hence, she weighs around 65 kg. Her body measurements are 36-26-37 inches. Eugenia’s feet size is 8 (US). Eugenia does always like to make tattoos. She also likes cosmetic surgery. However, Eugenia does not too obsessed with these modern arts. It is absolutely confirmed that Eugeniahasdone facial cosmetic surgeries to uplift her skin. Eugenia does not go to the gym and does not do yoga also. She does like to take morning walks and has been doing it since 2002.

Eugenia Cauduro Family

Eugenia Cauduro feels blessed to have Ernesto Cauduro Gemoets as her father and Silvia Rodríguez Porras as her mother. Her mother did work as a ballerina. Even her maternal grandfather, Dagoberto Rodriguez, is one of the legendary Mexican actors. She grew up with a sister Adriana Cauduro. Eugenia does not have any brothers. Her uncle, Rafael Cauduro, is one of the most famous painters in the world.

It does show that other than her, there are many other famous people from her family.

“I feel very blessed to have a sister like Adriana (Cauduro), whom I love the most in my family,” Eugenia said telling her love for her sister.

Early Life of Eugenia Cauduro

Eugenia Cauduro was born and brought into a very stable family. She was born and grew up in Mexico City, which is the capital of Mexico. As her mother is a former ballerina. Hence, she did learn ballet as a child. Even her sister did learn ballet. Other than ballet, she did also learn how to play jazz. Even at the age of 15, she did start to work as a model.

When she was seven years old, her aim was also to make a career as a ballerina. However, around the age of 14, she did decide to become a model and actress.

Eugenia Cauduro Education

Famous model and actress Eugenia Cauduro did start to learn ballet and jazz from a very young age. She did manage it along with her studies. She did go to Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artística for learning acting. She did go to Greengates School for getting a basic education. Her aim was always to focus on acting, dancing and singing. She did get most of her education in Mexico.

“I was always a hard student to deal with for my academics teachers as they always pushed me to learn things but my focus was always acting, dancing and singing,” Eugenia expressed views about her educational days.     

Eugenia Cauduro Married Life, Husband

Over the years, Cauduro has dated and been with several hunks. However, it was Enrique Moran with whom she got married. It looked as if everything would go well in their life. They even welcomed a child named Enrique Moran Cauduro. It looked as if she found the man of her life. However, things did change in a dramatic way. Hence, they had to part ways. It was a very hard take for her. Both are happy in their new lives. It is indeed the best thing about her life. Indeed, many would love to purpose Eugenia and be a part of her life. She is that beautiful. 

“I did like the way Enrique was, young and handsome back then. We married and welcomed a kid into our lives. However, we did not like to be together after one point in time. Things did get start to go bad and it was a very bad look for both of us. Hence, we looked to part ways and it did help both of us to focus on our careers,” she said.

Cauduro has married once and she has not married at all after parting ways with Enrique. But she is very connected with her son and does show his picture on Instagram mostly.

Eugenia Cauduro Professional Career 

Cauduro is a legendary Mexican model and actress. She started her modelling career in her early 20s. Eugenia has appeared on the cover pages of top fashion magazines. She has worked with several top fashion brands. In 1997, she made her soap opera debut in Will we ever have wings.

Eugenia Cauduro

It did help her to become famous and a top name. She has now worked in over 20 soap operas. Not many can have the impact as she has made. It shows that Eugenia is a very well-respected lady. In Mexico, there are millions of fans of her. 

She did start her modelling career at the age of 15. In 1998, she was opted by Japan Air Lines to represent Mexico in a calendar. It was indeed the start they did make an impact in her life for growing as an actress.

In 1990, she did take part in an international beauty pageant which happened in Mexico. It did help her to come second on the list. Her fans also know her for making an impact from 1992 to 1995 in Televisa’s image in a series. Her career started with playing as the lead actress but then she became more of a Supporting Role actress. She has done most of her career in a Supporting Role than being the lead Protagonist or Antagonist.

Eugenia Cauduro Relationships Boyfriend and Husband

Eugenia Cauduro did have some boyfriends before she married Enrique Moran. It was her first marriage of her and her only marriage to date. This does make how much she loved Eugenia. However, things did not go very well between them. Hence, they did part ways.  

When she was 16 years old, she had her first boyfriend whose name was Javier Mendes. However, they did part ways after just two years. After that, she was in two different relationships. However, even that did not for work her for an average of more than one year. She then met Enrique, dating him first and then got married. But after having a son, they did take divorced. Hence, Eugenia became single again. And after that, it feels like she does not see love as the greatest hope possible and likes to keep herself single.

Social Media

Cauduro’s magic is great on social media. She has over 504K followers on Instagram. Her impact is great on Twitter and Facebook. Here one can see all about what is happening in her personal life and what she is up to. She does have a good following on Twitter and Facebook also. From professional life to the good old days, Eugenia does show everything on her Instagram profile. But she is not that active on Twitter. Eugenia did join Twitter on May 2012.

“I bring an old school does love social media a lot. It is just fun for me to show my fans what is happening in my life and how I am up to in my professional career,” she said about social media.

Eugenia Cauduro Net Worth

Eugenia Cauduro’s net worth is estimated at around USD 8.3 million as of 2023. Well, it shows that she is a very rich lady. Eugenia does have a collection of 120 luxury bags. She ows a huge villa in Mexico City. Eugenia does like luxury cars and does own five of them. In 2020 April, she did help 50 families who were suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eugenia does help three NGOs in Mexico that does help young children to get a basic education. Eugenia does also have a collection of 70 luxury footwear and 35 different sunglasses. It does tell about her lifestyle.    


Eugenia Cauduro is now a former model, who did start to work at the very young age of 15. She then worked as a model around the world before starting her journey as an actress in 1997. She now works as an actress only with modelling in her past.

Her kid is now an adult boy, it makes her feel proud to see him grow in life. Other than that, her life is all about now spending time with friends and family members. It feels that her boy is that she is still working hard. It is what works very well for her.  

“Now my life is all about remembering golden days of past, and living now with full of love and joy.

“I feel very happy with the career and life I have. It is indeed a great experience to see ups and downs in life. This is what life is all about in many different ways,” she said.  

Eugenia does keep on working as an actress every year. It does make her busy. Despite she is fluent in English, Eugenia is happy to work in the Spanish language mostly. This does show how she manages things very well.  


Q Who is Eugenia Cauduro?

Eugenia Cauduro is a well-known actress and former Mexican model.

Q How many kids do Eugenia Cauduro have?

Eugenia Cauduro is blessed to have a boy named Enrique Moran Cauduro.

Q Who are Eugenia Cauduro’s parents?

Silvia Rodríguez and Ernesto Cauduro are the parents of Eugenia?

Q Is Eugenia Cauduro signal?

As of 2023, Eugenia Cauduro is single. She got divorced with Enrique Moran a long time back.

Q Does Eugenia Cauduro have siblings?

Yes, Eugenia Cauduro has a sister named Adriana Cauduro.

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