Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh: A journey of an inspring entrepreneur

It indeed takes a lot to make a name despite having millions of dollars in the bank account. Now think how much will it take to make a name when a person has nothing in his pocket. From just three employees to 2,000, Sushil Singh is indeed a story of success. The Mumbai-brought-up entrepreneur started his journey in 2015 with SSR Techvision. It was a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) set up that indeed inspired many to make a statement. Since then, he has been a key component in directing  SaiVa SysTem, SaiVa AcadEmy, Just Wish (NGO) and Deebaco, which has been directed by his wife Sarita Rawat Singh. 

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Sushil Singh had a very industries upbringing. As his father was a security guard in Mumbai, he did not have all the privileges to have a great life. Despite having all the troubles, his father made sure that there will be food to eat at home. It was not a great experience – but there was no choice. Sushil did not get what he wanted – but he still had his dreams of one day making the world his oyster. Studying at the government school was the only choice he had. While seeing children from rich families, he always used to remind himself that one day he can make a change with his hard work. In a way, it made Sushil understand the concept of hard work. 

He grew up in Mumbai but had his base in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. After completing his schooling, Sushil started his higher studies at the prestigious University of Allahabad. However, not seeing something out of the box out led him to drop his studies in between. Before, taking this decision, he did not receive monthly support from the family for the last two to three months. In these challenging times, only tuition money saved him from not staying still in the middle. 

In the early 2000s, it became the biggest reason behind Sushil making sure that he would move to Delhi and start working. As he had the skills to outdo any and great communication platform, Sushil got the job at an MNC. For the next 8 to 10 years, he worked for various top companies before making a move to start his business.

Sushil Singh Personal Life

Sushil Singh started his entrepreneurial journey with SSR Techvision in the summer of 2015. After making millions of dollars (USD), he came up with new organizations such as SaiVa SysTem; an Information Technology and Recruitment platform, Just Wish; an NGO, SaiVa AcadEmy, an institution to make software developers and Deebaco; a premium clothing brand. Sushil is running all these organisations very well and indeed making huge impacts. 

As a person 

Sushil Singh is known for his emotional intelligence. Being an avid book reader, he reads all kinds of books from the stock market to history to psychology. Just like reading books, he also aims for fitness with the same passion. Sushil also is a huge lover of bullet bikes and travelling. As a person, Sushil is a very kind person. Coming from rock bottom has made him understand the value of hard work. In 2019, he did gift four Wagon Rs to his beloved employees. He does many things like this every year. Sushil also makes sure that every person who works under him, does get the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. It shows his ability to give, not take. What more can a person say?


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