Are We Supporting NGOs Well?

People are rich; people are poor in this world. However, there are some wealthy families and many who do not have money to a full mean in a day. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months, however, one thing remains clear that poor people mostly do suffer to make ends meal. Hence, helping NGOs are very crucial. Around the world, they do work very hard to make many lives better. Indeed, without these NGOs, it might be very hard for people to make this world a better place. 

Today, we will talk about one such NGO. Just Wish, which is an NGO founded by Mr Sushil Singh in the late 2010s, has helped several lives on the Planet Earth to find a light at the end of the tunnel. Sushil Singh is an Indian entrepreneur, who did live a very challenging childhood in Mumbai, India. His father used to work as a security guard in Mumbai; hence, living a lavish life was not an option for him. 

Hence, Sushil came up with Just Wish for helping others. Under his guidance, Just Wish is helping grow trees, protect animals, make jungles look greener, build an educational foundation for young students and various other projects. In the very first wave of COVID-19, which hit India massively, Sushil helped several people with providing food, a railway ticket to go home, face masks and sanitization products. 

They do work mostly in India but do find every possibility to make their aroma assist several souls around the world. Looking from an individual point of view, Just Wish is indeed doing a great job. However, getting more donations might help them to make things look better and play a huge role in helping people as best as possible. 

From small to large donations, any amount can help an NGO make this world a better place. Several people do have a decent life to live. However, many of us choose to spend that penny anywhere else, then help those who need it the most. It is indeed a key reason behind having an unbalance. 

There are many NGOs like Just Wish who would not say no to a helping hand as it is all about that collective effort that plays a major role in making this world a beautiful place for all, not for some. One can take a look at for knowing more about their latest projects. 


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