How to Quit Drugs and Alcohol on Your Own

Slipping into a drug habit can be easy, and what starts as recreational use or just something to blow off some steam can soon escalate into a full-blown addiction that can consume your life. No matter what substance you’re using, dependency doesn’t take long to develop. There are various reasons drugs can be so addictive.  If you wish to find out more about alcohol rehabilitation be sure to check out The Hader Clinic.

Addictive substances significantly impact your biology and make your body increasingly dependent on greater doses to reach the same effect. Additionally, addiction comes with a host of psychological underpinnings too. As you slip deeper, it can feel challenging to feel happy or normal without being high.

Hence, it can be easily understood by supposing how does xanax make you feel  if the dose is light and if the dose is heavy or strong. You will be increasing your limit regularly if once addicted.

Additionally, drug usage can feel like the only way to face any challenging solution or emotional trigger. Despite all the challenges, however, breaking a drug addiction is possible. If you’re looking to go down this journey alone, there are several factors to consider. If you’re looking to break away from drugs or alcohol, keep reading below.

Access the right resources

The first step to curing an addiction on your own is accessing the correct information. It can be challenging to break free from your addiction without the proper resources because you won’t know how to tackle it. Addiction is a multi-faceted disorder, whether it’s to alcohol or any other drug. Breaking it requires in-depth information on what causes addiction, the best treatment methods, and what you can expect along the journey.

Without the correct information, breaking away from an addiction can be challenging. You can find yourself overwhelmed by the withdrawal symptoms without knowing how to deal with them best. Moreover, encountering your triggers can make it challenging to break the habit. In such a scenario, accessing an addiction guide is your best option. An addiction guide can help you have a clear picture of what to expect in the days ahead. It can also help you access some life-saving resources should you feel you need extra help. With this trusted resource, you can be in the best position to cure your addiction independently.

Build a support system

Drug addicts can often find themselves extremely isolated and without any support. Whether you’re addicted to alcohol or hard drugs, addiction can make you go to any lengths to support your drug habit. Many addicts lie, manipulate, cheat or threaten their loved ones to get their fix. Addicts can thus find themselves without any support or motivation to stay clean.

If you want to get clean, mending these bridges is vital. It can be challenging to reconnect with your loved ones, especially after the bitterness that drug use can bring. However, showing them your devotion to getting better can help you reconnect. The lack of support can mean you have no one to keep you accountable and monitor your progress. With time, a support system can help you stay motivated for your recovery and help your loved ones closely monitor your progress.

Identify your triggers

One of the essential parts of quitting an addiction is identifying your triggers and developing healthier coping mechanisms. Chronic stress is one of the biggest reasons people resort to drug use, but you may have other triggers such as the company you keep, trauma, grief, or boredom. Encountering these triggers is what keeps addicts using drugs repeatedly.

Without identifying your triggers, you can find it hard to stay clean. Finding out whether your company pushes you to use can help you reconsider your friend circle and can help you surround yourself with healthier individuals. Alternatively, recognizing whether stress, pain, or grief pushes you to use drugs can help you find alternate, healthier coping mechanisms to deal with your emotions. With time, identifying and dealing with your triggers can help you become more resilient and can help you face any problems without needing to use drugs.

Go easy on yourself

This is perhaps the most overlooked step for quitting an addiction alone. Drug addiction can leave your entire life in shambles, and it’s only natural to want to be rid of it as soon as possible. However, breaking an addiction, whether hard drugs or alcohol, is not linear. You’ll have days where you find it easier than ever to stay clean and days where drugs are all you can think of. Many addicts slip up along the way. However, a relapse doesn’t mean that your progress has ended.

Drug addiction can profoundly alter your body’s anatomy to depend on the substance. Suppose you find yourself craving drugs again or even breaking your sobriety. In that case, it’s important to go easy on yourself while being honest too. Seek immediate help, be it from a medical professional or a friend, can help you get back on track for your recovery. Through perseverance, you can help yourself overcome your addiction and emerge stronger.

Find a purpose

When you’re amid the throes of an addiction, everything else can cease to have meaning. You can find yourself shunning your relationships, jobs, and anything which can give your life meaning. Addicts often end up jobless due to bad performance, absenteeism, and poor motivation. You might also have no other hobbies apart from using drugs. The absence of any other hobby or encouragement can make drugs the only thing to do.

Giving back to your community can restore your self-worth and help you feel like a proactive, influential member of society again. Finding meaning through a job, a hobby, or giving your time to charitable efforts can help immensely restore your self-esteem. Additionally, finding healthy activities can help you keep yourself occupied and keep you away from using drugs. Thus, bringing meaning back into your life can help break your drug addiction.


It can be incredibly challenging to break an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. It can be even harder to go down this journey alone. However, by following these steps, you can ensure you stay clean and get your life back on track. If you remain dedicated and trust the process, breaking an addiction can be simpler than it feels.


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