Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales: Bio, Age, Model, Husband

Well, Amparo Grisales is indeed a huge name in Colombia. The glorious model comes with a class that does make her cut above the rest. Hence, one can see millions of people following her on social media. Indeed, not many can do what she has done in this brick-and-mortar world. Many might agree with the fact that Amparo does not what does work. Therefore, one can always see her coming up with a great idea that does work very well in her favour. It shows her art of making things done. Indeed, Amparo is a very bright personality. Hence, let us know more about her. 

Bio of Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian model and actress. She is indeed a very well-known and skilled model and actress. Born on 19 September 1956, Amparo’s birthplace is Manizales, Colombia. It indeed shows that her zodiac sign is Virgo and her nationality is Colombian. Amparo, who is a part of Latin roots, does follow the Christian religion. Just like several Colombian people, she does believe in Lord Jesus from the bottom of her heart. It shows her religious devotion. German Tessarolo is the husband of good-looking Amparo Grisales. Her age is 66 years.

Physical Stats of Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales does have stunning looks to captivate several people around the world. She stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Being a famous name, she does take care of her body very well. Hence, one can see her mostly looking fit. Amparo weighs around 58 kg mostly. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take her looks to another level. Her white skin does look great with dark brown colours. Amparo does enjoy the art of making tattoos. However, she does not feel too obsessed with it. Even she does not fancy doing cosmetic surgeries that much. 

Amparo Grisales was born and bred in Manizales, Colombia. Manizales is a beautiful city in Colombia. Gustavo Grisales is Amparo’s father, while Delia Patiño de Grisales is her lovely mother. She is very much connected with her father and mother. Hence, one can see her posting pictures with her parents on social media frequently. She grew up with four siblings named Luz Marina Grisales Patiño, Fernando Grisales Patiño, Omaira Grisales Patiño, Patricia Grisales Patiño. Hence, she never felt alone while growing up. She did all her schooling at Manizales. Just like acting, she was good in academics too.  

Amparo Grisales must have dated hunks before getting married to German Tessarolo. She fell in love with German at a very young age and did see her future only with him. She is a huge dog lover and does post her pictures with them. 

Amparo Grisales Professional Career 

Amparo is a skilled actress and model. As a model, she has appeared in several magazines. Amparo started her modelling career at a very young age. The very reason allowed her to learn and develop in a very creative way.

Amparo Grisales
Colombian actress Amparo Grisales

It shows her class and impact in this brick-and-mortar world. She has also done a great job as an actress. Amparo has worked in movies like Las muñecas de la mafia, Woman to Woman and more. She is a very good talent, so it does help her to get new projects to work on. 

Social Media  

Amparo Grisales’ aroma looks great on Instagram, holding more than 1.2 million followers. She mostly likes to share her family work and pro-life with her fans. 

Vanessa Hessler Net Worth

Amparo’s net worth is estimated at around USD 2 million. Well, it shows that she is a totally independent and very rich lady. 

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