The vast majority of online casino lovers had their first contact with this world through a physical casino, either in person – as there are many casinos in Ontario and other parts of Canada – or through a movie or television series. And nowadays, with the advancement of technology, online casinos have emerged.

Most fans are already familiar with online casinos and even know how they work. But what is the main difference between these two very similar platforms?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today buy casino backlinks.

To answer that question, we invited online casino expert Conrad A. Brennan. With its help, we have separated all the main differences and will explain each one of them better in the topics below.

Main differences between these types of Casinos

There are several small differences between the two types of casinos, such as:

  • Bonuses
  • Variety of games
  • Dealers

In our article, however, we will focus on the most important ones that directly influence the choice of players, check them out below.


The first clear difference between the land-based casinos and the online version is practicality.

Online casinos are much more practical for the player because they are digital platforms that the user can access through their computer or smartphone from different places with just an internet connection.It is not the case with the physical casino, where the player must go to it to have access to all its services, games, and betting tools. 

Although it’s not difficult to find a casino in Canada, as there are more than 200 across the country, we often don’t feel like leaving the house or we can’t go out – as was the case during the pandemic – which makes the online version is more viable for those who enjoy gambling at any time.


In land-based casinos, the player uses real chips that he carries with him and that is worth money inside the casino, which can represent the risk of theft or direct theft of these chips.

In online casinos, the player is subject to scams and digital fraud in online casinos that do not have a license from a recognized regulatory institution.

In other words, both are risky. However, in the online version, you can protect yourself more easily, as you just need to look for reliable sites that have regulations from recognized institutions, such as the MGA.


The casino experience is a good part of a player’s fun, in land-based casinos the real experience provided by the meticulously assembled environments, trained dealers, shows, and other attractions are the great highlights and what built the popularity of casinos as we know them.

In live casinos, the player can get a small taste of this experience from rooms decorated like a traditional casino with live streaming and real dealers managing the classic games, this experience is called a live casino. However, it still doesn’t come close to the actual experience that has created a worldwide casino culture.

Observation and strategy

Although many casino games are based on luck, there are those in which it is necessary to outline a good strategy and make observations so that you can emerge victoriously, or have a better chance of doing so.

In most in-person casinos, they don’t allow you to take notes or mark a strategic plan, quite the opposite. Everything is done quickly so the dealer doesn’t let you think too long.

However, being in the comfort of your home in an online casino, you will be able to analyze all the plays before making them and thus create the best strategy.

Live Casinos

Although many are fans of online casinos, some still prefer to go to the best casinos in Canada simply because they can enjoy the atmosphere or play with the help of a dealer.

But did you know that this is also present in online casinos?

So it is. There is currently a live casino option, which allows you to watch streams directly from a land-based casino – or from a studio – where a dealer runs traditional games, such as roulette and poker. This certainly improves the gamblers’ experience at online casinos.

final words

With these differences in mind, we can say that both the online and the land-based casinos are great options for those who enjoy all the experiences these platforms can offer.

In difficult times, such as the pandemic in recent years, online casinos ended up being the only option for fans and they did not disappoint. In fact, they turned out to be very good and full of possibilities for gamblers.

So, for those who don’t like to leave the house, or don’t want to be tied to schedules or dress codes, online casinos will continue to be the best option. For those who want a fun time away from home and feel the entire atmosphere that casinos offer, it’s better to go to a physical one.

The truth is, both types of casinos can be enjoyed separately and in different situations by passionate players without having to choose just one.


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