The Best P+R Options Near Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city has over 100 kilometres of canals, and they are an integral part of what makes it so unique and charming. Other than the canals, Amsterdam is also a beautiful tourist location with zillions of places to offer with efficient transportation facilities.

So, if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, public transport is the first option that is highly effective and cheap. Whether you are looking for a quick way to get around the city or explore the surrounding areas, there is a public transportation option that will suit your needs. But if you plan to visit the city driving on your own, then you must know the P+R option.

The city is notorious for being difficult to navigate by car, and parking is practically difficult to find, and also can be pricey. In such hours, P+R options set your renting and parking options here. It is vital to know them thoroughly or at least have the details handy when riding or renting from a car rental in the Netherlands.  

Essential conditions of P+R

Park and Ride in Amsterdam is an essential part of the city’s transportation system. It allows residents and visitors to park their cars in a central location and then take public transportation to their final destination. There are a few things to keep in mind when using Park and Ride in Amsterdam.

● Make sure to park in a designated Park and Ride lot. These are typically well-lit and have security cameras.

● Lock your car and take all valuables with you.

● Check the timetable for when public transportation will arrive. If you miss the last bus to your destination, you may have to wait over an hour for the next one.

●     GVB pass must be acquired within one hour of parking (for utilizing public transportation).

●     Pay the P+R fee within 1 hour of checking out of public transport.

●     Maximum parking time is 96 hours.

●     You will be obligated to pay the standard parking fee, which might cost you an additional €203 if these requirements are not satisfied.

List of P+R Parking lots in Amsterdam

P+R Bos en Lommer, Location

Leeuwendalersweg 23b, 1055 JE Amsterdam, next to the S104 ring-road exit. This parking lot is accessible from 7 am to 10 pm. The parking lot is always open, and tram 14, bus 15, 21, 80, 82, 247, 315, and metro 50 provide access to Amsterdam’s city centre. You may also leave the lot with your car at any time.

P+R Gaasperplas

The biggest parking lot is at Loosdrechtdreef 4 in 1108 AZ Amsterdam Zuidoost; from the A10, use exit S113. However, you may only leave the lot at any time.

P+R Olympisch Stadion(Olympic Stadium)

Olympisch Stadion 44, 1076 DE Amsterdam; capacity: 250; located at the ring A10 and exit at S108 into central Amsterdam has a parking lot and offers free bicycles available for loan (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).

P+R Sloterdijk, Piarcoplein 1

1043 DW Amsterdam, at the Sloterdijk railway station, capacity: 200; highway A10 exit S102; connectivity to the centre of Amsterdam via train, metro 50, bus 48, and tram 12; this parking lot also offers free bicycles available for loan (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).

P+R Zeeburg I and II

Zuiderzeeweg 46 1095 KJ Amsterdam; at Piet Hein tunnel, you may only park your coach bus in this P+R parking lot, which has 250 spaces and is accessible by the A10 exit S114. 26 tram, 37 buses, and 245.


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