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Robotics Powerhouse Flexiv raises More Than $100 Million

Flexiv, which as an Asian powerhouse for making robots, has raised a massive funding of USD 100 Million as they are aiming to make a revolution in their business. They call themselves as a “general purpose” brand for making robots for the businesses, so they can work with the new age. As they are flexible in nature, means one can tell them what they want and if possible, they would make it, it does show the fact that the brand can become better in future when it comes to making an impact in sales is concerned. This is what makes an impact in terms of being cut above the rest. Flexiv Chinese AI Series does tell the next generation approach they are taking.

Robotics are still in demand are the future of the word. Look at a brand like TATA that does make cars with the help of robots. It has helped them to reduce cost and open new jobs. Because if there is robot, then professionals are there to look after things. Meituan did play a huge role in providing this massive funding to Flexiv. Meta Capital (元知资本), New Hope Group, Gaorong Capital and GSR Ventures did take part in this funding round. It does show the fact that investors in China do see the growth of the company in future.
Flexiv Chinese AI 100m does tell the money they have for making a change.

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Two-third of its staff is based in California, United States Of America, while others do work in major cities in China. This does tell the fact how things do look magical when there is a plan to follow. Back in 2016, Wang Shiquan, who did get his higher education from Stanford’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, did manage to come up with a start-up named Flexiv that can adapt and make products for the best of their clients. They do see this move as a way to move forward and become a cut above the rest. This does indeed tell a lot of things about the culture of the brand and how they want to move in.
Flexiv feels that this Series B funding is there to expend their arms and become even a better force. This does indeed tell a lot about Flexiv and the way they do want to move forward. Flexiv AI 100m Meituanliaotechcrunch.

“Conventional robotic arms can safely perform tasks when there are no barriers around, but they are less capable of operating in complicated environments… Many seemingly simple tasks such as washing dishes actually require a lot of AI-based recognition and decision-making power,” the brand said.

The very stated statement does tell a lot about Flexiv and the way do want to move ahead for becoming a better brand. It does also show the fact how does companies from China are do making impact all over the world. Flexiv Chinese AI 100m Meituanliaotechcrunch.

Hence, it does tell the fact how they do want to move ahead for the growth of the brand. Internal sources say that they do treat their employees very well; hence, it does make the company ethically batter. This does tell a lot about organization and the approach they take. Flexiv AI 100m Series is being seen as a gamechanger.


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