Nayya Adds Fund Of $11 Million With AI Taking Employee Health Welfare Solutions

Nayya, one of United States’ well-known brand who does manage insurance benefits, has raised a funding of 11 million USD. The series A round was led by Felicis Ventures.

With this huge funding, Nayya aims to put all its money on research and development, with the organization is looking to add more employers to make things better in their aim to sell quality insurance plans for customers.

IT firm Jellyvision recently said after doing surveys that people do not know how to use their health insurance benifts in the very best way that can save their money. In this survey, 49 per cent of people said that it is very hard to make insurance benefits making a quality impact. 41 per cent people do see enrollment process very puzzling to fathom and then act accordingly, while 20 per cent do not like their decision of picking benefits.

Venture of Nayya is aiming to useAI seriesfelicis to beat other swiggers venture for making an impact.

Hence, the brand is aiming to add new brains who can work on collecting data that can be used very well with the AI tools for customers can get best way to use their health insurance at the time of the need. It can indeed save a lot of money of the common people of the United States, where it is very costly to balance health-related problems. In fact, the US is one of the costliest places to live when the bills of hospitals come.

However, Nayyaaims or swiggers to use AI tools with 11m funding orfelicisfor making this venture beat other venture, who, in their eyes are miles behind.

Nayya asks employees at different organization about lifestyle they have and problems they do face in general life. These are just series of questions the team asks for getting best info that can indeed boost the brand to make a better platform to use health insurance.

Nayyais making an AI platform with 11m USD funding provding a series of ventures a wiggers that can beat other venture.With this, they aim to make a huge set of data that can help companies and individuals to take the best decisions possible as far as their health is concerned.

Nayya said that they have used more than 3 billion consumer data points for making sure that best outcomes can come. Hence, they do have over 120 million lines of claims stories that can help others in future to get the best decision.

The brand believes that they, Nayya,have done a great job to rise 11m series funding for making their AIplatform better.

The cofounder of the brand SinaChehrazibelieves that they are in a right path for providing best-in-class technology for making a creative impact in Nayyahave best AI platform with 11mboost up. He also said that brand has the only aim that can help people to pick best insurances for their life that can save their money and make best benefits for over growth of the health sector in an ethical manner.

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