Lucky Dancer

Lucky Dancer: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Career

Real name of Lucky Dancer is Arhan khan and his nickname is Bihari. And by the profession, he is known as a dancer. He is very famous because of his Being the Tik Tok Star and his eye colour is of blue colour and black is the colour of his hair. His date of birth is 4th September 2001 and his age is 18 yrs and also his birthplace is New Delhi and zodiac sign is virgo and belongs to the Indian nationality and his hobbies were travelling and photography. His girlfriend is Mohini Sharma and has the martial status of unmarried.

Lucky Dancer Overview

He is born and brought up in New Delhi. He is very active on social media platforms. He has 2.5 million followers which is any has more than for any Instagram account. He is also known and considered as the fitness freak and also known to go the gym regularly and he is very active fan of acting. His acting videos are so much popular and famous world-wide. He is very famous because of his acting.  He appeared to the song that is Yaara 2 and he appear in the song for the year 2019. His brother is salman khan and his sister is Tanya Khan and has one girlfriend who is Mohini Sharma. His status is unmarried. His hobbies are travelling and photography.

Lucky Dancer Biography

He is born on 7th September 2001 and was born to New Delhi and his present age is 21 years and was known for completing the education from the private school from the new Delhi and always wanted to do the graduation and also he wanted to enhance his skills in the acting field. His dance videos are became very viral and he used to earn lot of popularity from his videos and earned atleast 5.8 million followers from the videos.

He is known to appear in the Tik Tok Videods and also was known to appear in lot of dance videos and also was the big fan of the Tik Tok and the dance videos . He become world-wide famous just because he has so many followers and his followers crosses 5.8 million mark and his birth place where he was bvorn was New Delhi and he was born on 4th september 2001 and his nick name is the Lucky Dancer.

Lucky Dancer Career

He become instantly famous and also earn lot of recognization as a carrer in the dancing and acting field. He is known to earn lot of awards and also trophy in this fields that is dance for the school events and also the other competition which was held. He appeared to be the youngest star who appear in the Tik Tok show and the social media handles .

He also learn to dance from the various social media platforms. He is used to earn money from these fields  and also become veryt successful in this fields. He earned lot of fame and popularity from this fields and earn lot of recognition from the acting field.


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