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Love hate relationship: Everything to know?

What is a love hate relationship?

A love hate relationship is a kind of relationship where you do love a person but end up fighting and arguing a lot in between however you also can’t live without being with them. This kind of relationship is intense but can jeopardize your life in the long run.
This kind of relationship is basically a complicated one, they have an inconsistent bond. On some occasions, they would love each other and on some, they wouldn’t be able to stand each other. They tend to speak really harsh words and most of the time they do not mean it. Below are some signs that conclude that you are in a Love-Hate relationship.

Sometimes you feel like the luckiest person in the world- Because of certain appealing qualities in them you might feel like loving them all your life and you can’t imagine your life without them at that moment. Maybe you find a few qualities attractive in your partner and because of that you can’t let go of them so easily.

Sometimes you can’t stand them at all There are times in such a relationship where you feel like you made a huge mistake by committing to your partner. You might not like them during some moments because of their short temper, ego, laziness and other things. These things can lead to fights and breakups for a short period of time.

Why we need love hate relationship?

love hate
Love hate relationship

You tend to break and make-up again and again- In a love hate relationship, you hate and love each other with intense passion. You might have arguments a lot of times and end up calling names but again you makeup and shower each other with love, but this love is short-lived because the cycle of love and hate continues.

Taking the relationship as a challenge- You take your relationship as a challenge, despite constant fights, you can’t let go of them because you love them. As a result, your relationship is not healthy, you just want to stick to this relationship because you are addicted to it. The positives of that person might be so good that you always let go of the negatives.

The relationship is heading nowhere- You are just stuck in this vicious cycle of loving and hating. You have no direction in your relationship. You just don’t know what to do about it in future, you are just stuck with it because you can’t let go of them or you don’t want to stay single.

What makes it special?

No mental or emotional connection- You might adore their positive traits, but you can’t stand them at their worst. This means that you don’t accept their flaws and so you can never be emotionally connected. You might be chasing perfection and trying to fit your partner with the image you might have for your perfect partner.
There might be a million reasons for this love hate relationship and this can happen because of n number of reasons may be because you might be carrying your past emotional baggage and dragging that to this relationship, you might be insecure, jealous or have control issues. This relationship is not good for your long run and not healthy for your mental peace too!

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