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Lisa Tepes: Introduction

Lisa Tepes in Japanese known as Risa, is a character in the Netflix original series named Castlevania. Castlevania is a dark fantasy action adult series about vampires and Dracula’s. The series is 4 seasons long and has 32 volumes in total. It has sold around 20,000 copies in 2003. It is based on a video game and the creator wanted the players to experience a real horror movie, thus the game had all kinds of spooky and supernatural creatures.

Lisa Tepes: Creative Touch

She was earlier known as the “ Lisa of Lupu”. She is the late wife of Vlad Ţepeş who is a Dracula and Lisa was his human wife. She is also the mother of Adrian. She was voiced by Emily Swallow in the English version of the show and by Azusa Tanaka in the Japanese version. She plays a medical practitioner in the show. As suggested by her former name, her place of birth is Lupu. She was born in the year 1430. She has been the part of the show since it’s first season in the very first episode.

Lisa Tepes

Lisa Tepes: Notes To Have

Lisa was tall and slim in figure. She has wavy  hair which are very blonde. She has blue eyes and rosy red lips. She generally wears layered clothes with sheer elegance. She is a beautiful and kind hearted woman. She has exceptional medicinal skills. She has a lot of compassion for others and their well being. She was a brave woman.      She also has high intellect and scientific knowledge. She has always been a loving woman and often ignored the demonic nature of some humans. Her perception of knowledge and compassion made people to call her a witch, but that never stopped her. Even in her final moments, she called out for her husband and asked him to forgive humans and still give them a chance.

Creative Touch

When Lisa was 15 years of age she sought out the Dracula in his castle. People around her always told her that the man who lives there has surpassed the science of mortals and holds secrets beyond our knowledge. Lisa was a curious person thus she put in all her resources in finding out that. When she failed to do so she decided to go and confront the Dracula himself and learn what he has to offer. In the encounter that she made, she impressed the Dracula and made him realize that humans are worth too. She got him intrigued in the human race which made him travel the world pretending to be an ordinary man, to blend in and learn more about human life and humanity.  

Years later Dracula – Vlad and Lisa got married. They had a baby boy together and named him Adrian. They moved to a cottage outside the city of Targoviste in Wallachia. Lisa became a medical practitioner and she treated the locals there. She also continued her research in medicine.  Though she encountered an ironic christ like death at the hands of the church itself. In 1475 she was accused of being a witch and was thus arrested by the bishop. The medicines and supplements were misread as witchcraft and thus her house burnt to the ground and she was burnt alive on a stake. 

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