In the Date A Live series, Kurumi Tokisaki first appears as a significant foe before turning into one of the main protagonists. Kurumi, the third Spirit encountered in the series, is the most perilous and deadly Spirit to have ever debuted in the Date A Live universe. She is also the first Spirit to make an appearance in the series as an enemy. She is voiced by Asami Sanada in the anime’s Japanese dub and Alexis Tipton in the English dub, the latter of whom also does Mana Ouma’s voice.

In order to travel back in time 30 years and assassinate Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Ellen Mira Mathers, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, and Karen Nora Mathers before they can summon Mio Takamiya and set off the first spacequake, which would create a timeline in which Spirits never existed, she is intensely obsessed with Shido’s power. She wishes to devour him in order to obtain his spirit mana. Kurumi has the power to control time and shadows, and she can multiply herself by consuming the lives of all the victims. She goes by the code name Nightmare and is renowned for being one of the most well-liked female supporting figures in both light novels and anime in general.

Appearance Kurumi Tokisaki

Shido Itsuka called Kurumi “a girl with astonishing beauty“. She has very good manners and seems elegant. Her long, black hair is typically tied in long twin tails, and she has pearly skin. Her left eye, which is covered by her bangs and only visible when she assumes her Spirit form, has a golden, inorganic clock face appearance while her right eye has a red tint. The clock eye typically rests at three o’clock when the hands are not moving. Kurumi used to cover her clock-like left eye with an eyepatch five years ago, but now she thinks it’s shameful and hides it with her hair. Her left eye is the same as her right eye in human form and after being sealed. Her left eye is no longer obscured by her hair, which is now partially pulled back with a red ribbon, and she is a college student.

Biography Kurumi Tokisaki

The third Spirit to make an appearance in the series, Kurumi is regarded as the most vicious and dangerous. Kurumi caused the deaths of over 10,000 people by the present. She was one of the few Spirits in the series to date to actively use her powers to kill people, having killed hundreds of people when she first appeared on Earth. In order to unleash her powers, she kills her victims by dragging them to the shadpowers that are eating them.

Kurumi Tokisaki
Best of Kurumi Tokisaki

In her quest to “eat,” she succeeds in taking down Mana Takamiya, Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, and subduing Shido. Kurumi killed so many people because she needed their lives because she is a Spirit with a short life and depends on them for that. Her powers are very strong but have drawbacks; they drain Kurumi of her lifetime. She prefers to eat minors because they live exciting lives that are then transferred to Kurumi.

Personality Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi is a character that is challenging to interpret. She shares this trait with the majority of the other Spirits in her debut, a dislike of humanity that verges on mistrust. Kurumi is a skilled actress because, when necessary, she can assume the persona of an innocent, inquisitive young girl. She demonstrated this talent when she spoke politely and registered as a student at Raizen High School. Under that mask, however, is a crazy person who has fits of uncontrollable laughter and has no regard for human life, seeing people as nothing more than a resource to help her reclaim her own time.

Powers and Abilities

Spirit Form; Kurumi is a brutal fighter who lives up to her reputation as the Worst Spirit. She has a special set of abilities that make her a challenging opponent for many. She has so many clones that it would be nearly impossible to defeat her in a battle of numbers, and it was reportedly she who caused the most destruction during the raid on the DEM’s Japanese Branch Headquarters. Kurumi is an unusual Spirit who has absorbed two Sephira Crystals, giving her access to two different Angels.

Time Manipulation: Kurumi can control time through her bullets by combining the power of time, shadows, and Reiryoku. Her musket and flintlock pistol both have special bullets that, depending on how many there are, can have varying effects on the subject’s time.

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