When Austin Sendek was a physics undergraduate at UC Davis in 2010, he started a petition to get prefix hella- recognised as an official International System of Units (SI) measurement for the number 1027.Many significant research institutes are located in Northern California, including the Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, the University of California, Davis, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley. Quixotic Californian Crusade To Officially Recognize.

He contends that the inclusion of “hella-” would enable the use of the term hellabytes of data, noting that the number of atomsin 12 kilogrammes of carbon-12 would be reduced from 600 yottaatoms to 0.6 hellaatoms. Similar to this, the sun, which has a mass of 2.2 hellatons, releases energy at a rate of 0.3 hellawatts as opposed to 300 yottawatts. Quixotic Californian To Recognize Hellabyte.

High-ranking allies

Google weighed in to endorse “hella-” in May 2010 by altering its search engine. In the Google Search box, type bytes to hellabytes, and a unit conversion widget will appear on the results page.
Sendek, the CEO of the software startup Aionics and a current visiting scholar at Stanford, explained that the conversion widget was put into place thanks to a friend of his who was an intern there at the time in a phone interview with The Register.

Wolfram Alpha added support for “hella-” computations a year later. Thus, competing prefixes like bronto- have not yet received approval. Quixotic Californian Officially Recognize Hellabyte.
Sendek claimed that “hellabyte” began as a joke among some college buddies but developed into a more serious issue as he researched how measurements are determined and as his concept gained acceptance.

At the time, quantifying hella- amounts wasn’t really necessary, but he thought it might be beneficial for astronomical observations. About a hellameter and a half is the diameter of the cosmos, he claimed. The sun has a mass of roughly a hellagram.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the hella- prefix will ever enter the official scientific language.
Both hella- and bronto- have problems, according to Richard JC Brown, a fellow in chemical metrology at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. The terms “ronna-” and “quetta-,” which Brown proposed in the journal Measurement in 2019, appear to be the current front-runners for new measurement language. Quixotic Californian Crusade To Hellabyte.
“Ronna, symbol: R, for 1027; and “quetta, symbol: Q, for 1030” are the ideas that are currently being taken into consideration for extending the range of International System of Units (SI) prefixes higher, Brown wrote in an email to The Register.

Although Brown said it’s unclear when terms for such big volumes will be required, he thinks they should be decided upon as soon as possible.

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It will be a few years before the global datasphere crosses 1 yottabyte because the current global datasphere is probably just 0.1 yottabytes in size. Crusade To Officially Recognize Hellabyte.
However, the rate of growth of the global datasphere is accelerating. It makes sense to have these in place soon to be ready for when they are required, especially given the need to start thinking about and discussing larger data sizes for conceptual studies and future planning. Additionally, new, disruptive technologies like quantum computing are on the horizon and may drastically alter the amount of data produced.


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