Manga are very popular all around the world due to their simple yet engaging story and the character progression between the main characters. There are certain characters which also put the readers into certain doubts as to whether they should see them in the antagonist role or nice role, but that is what makes manga really loved all around the globe. One such character which looks like negative but has certain goods hidden, is of Hisahi Mitsui from Slam Dunk manga. Let us know more details about him and try to understand the complexity behind him.


Hisashi Mitsui is the teammate and arrogant ex-champion player for the main character of the Slam Dunk manga, Ryota Miyugi. Hisashi is the teammate playing in the position of Shooting Guard for the basketball team of Shohoku. He first appeared in the manga in the episode of ‘Super Problem Child’ and as the name suggested, he has a very prickly attitude of not settling in the team and never playing like a teammate. He is always seen as the typical bully who picks fights with his own teammates and wants to gain attention from everyone. His style of playing also does not show any sign of team bonding rather reflects the style of one man army for his team even though he has so many good players in the team. Everything changes afterwards when he undergoes knee injury and has to miss the games for his team, that’s when he values his spot in the team and the skills he possess, and slowly undergoes very engaging and proper character change from rude to perfect teammate.


Hisashi Mitsui is an 18 year old teenager from Shohoku High School. He has an excellent record of being champion basketball player for his previous school, Takeishi Junior High. Due to his excellent records and various awards such as the most valuable player of the year, he got into the eyes of coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai, who encouraged him to not settle for small things here and look for better opportunities and bigger positions in the Shohoku High School team. Hisahi got various other options to play for other high schools as well which were bigger and better but he wanted to be with his coach and settled down for the smaller yet strong underdogs team of Shohoku. Hisahi is always the rude, arrogant player who takes the stride forward and is very proud of his skills. He plays all alone without passing to anyone and yet succeeds even though he is so arrogant.

All this success takes to his head and he doesn’t like being in the team as well but the real change in his character happens after he meets Ryota Miyagi in the Shohoku basketball team. The character change happens after he undergoes a knee injury where he has to miss one game, but due to his prickly attitude, he plays the next game even though warned by Ryota to not play. That arrogant move to play ends up as an even more severe injury to the knee which makes him unavailable to play for a total of one year. That’s when he understands the position in histeam, the conversations with his not so friend Ryota and his loving Coach about the skills makes him change drastically by the end of the manga.


Hisahi is handsome, 6 ft standing with shoulder touching black hair matching his pitch dark black eyes. He is as handsome as he plays as he boasts a charging personality with an attacking mindset while playing the game, hence he stays at the shooting guard and manages to win it ever so charmingly. But the attitude and personality of being ryde and arrogance in his word makes him very undesirable to talk to which he manages to cope up all alone without any need of female support or friends. He wears the basketball jersey of his team which has white shades on red and black kit. But in school time, he is always seen in the uniform just like others, wearing navy blue trousers complimenting white long shirt.

Hisashi Mitsui


Hisahi is an extremely competitive, arrogant and rude teenager who has an excellent athletic built body in addition to a handsome face which has the charming smile always on his face. He is a champion player for his team and that’s when his coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai notices him and adds him into the team of Shohoku. Although being so good at shooting guard position, he just like all other tall, big persons, has little lack of stamina. But in the case of Hisahi, he lacks very big amounts of stains which requires to run or stay long in the field or off the field. Even during the fights between his fellow mates and rivals, he is always shown lack of stamina to beat back where he ends up getting his teeth broken always.

Dueto his long body which has heavy distribution of weight in the muscles makes him slow to run, but due to his arrogance and too much of pride, makes him vulnerable to beat back as in fights, it requires huge amount of confidence to stand against bad, but in the case of Hisahi,  he is just boastful, rude and arrogant player. That all changes after he proresses himself into better teammate and understands the true potential of his skills. He later changes entire personality and concentrates hard on himself to be worthy of the tag champion and Most Valuable player, as he misses out for more than one year due to his extreme knee injury.


Hisahi is seen to be the bully, rude and arrogant student from the high school and also not appropriate for team sport due to his prickly attitude to play all alone. Readers also didn’t like him at the beginning of the episodes but later on, his character arc completes his personality to progress him into a very mature and understanding team player. After the injury, many of the readers at first felt that he deserved such pain, but later felt sad for a champion player missing out on the team. He changes himself into a very mature, calm person and everything he undergoes through that one year is shown in excellent manner, which makes every reader not a big fan of him, but support him in the due process.

He in the last episodes gets better and truly understands his capability of being champion by acknowledging the skills he has without showing pride, that’s when readers supported him wholeheartedly. The character arc is complex throughout the manga series of whether he  is arrogant or a good person due to various situations he shows himself in various shades of. But in the ending, all settles down between him and Ryota as they both clear their heads and play like a team which eventually has happy results.

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