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Fashion World At a Coffee Shop

There is something very satisfying about the sound of rain droplets as it hits the rough surface like an avalanche. I am utterly enjoying the weather while sipping in some hot chocolate, the aroma of coffee is like a cherry on the cake. The hustle and bustle at the coffee shop is quite a sight to see! What excites me most is what these people are wearing. Out of all these, there are only a few people who are not here for business meets, or a coffee date (if that’s even a thing these days. Lol), they are just here to relax and chill..oh! and I am one of them (Fashion World).

I can see lots of basic outfits, basic prints, comfortable sets which is very, unlike the surrounding I work in. A thought occurred to my mind, what is fashion to these people? I had an urge to ask every one of them but I couldn’t.. the introverted side of me suddenly became dominant and I chose to just make some assumptions.

Fashion is so much more to the people who can feel it! The fashion world is emotional. People are emotional about how they want to be perceived in the outside world. Diana Vreeland rightly said: “Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world.” Below are some of my assumptions about what fashion can mean to different people.
-It can make you feel alive
To some, fashion represents life. When you wear something that makes you feel more…creative, interesting, strong, complicated — that’s when you feel most rejuvenated, most engaged with the world. Changing your clothes is the quickest way for anyone to feel as if everything is new again, and that anything is possible.Nowadays everybody has started wearing corsets under their clothes to give themselves an hourglass shape that was nearly impossible otherwise. This has not only enhanced the confidence of people but it has given a completely different perspective to fashion. If you are also planning to buy a corset then you can check out True Corset, they have an amazing collection of corsets for almost all shapes and sizes.

Fashion World: As a necessity

The goal of fashion can be as simple as this: You need clothing to move around in the world. Instead of thinking of fashion as a trend, consider fashion and clothing as a necessity. To go to that interview, the grocery store, or your cousin’s wedding, you’ll need a pair of pants, a shirt, and shoes. It is how we present ourselves to the world.” (Fashion World).

Fashion is collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time

Practically, we know that fashion is art, commerce, function, and expression. But we also can’t deny the simple gut reaction we have when we see something I adore and it completely takes us by surprise. It’s like finding something special that you’ve lost out of nowhere. You know the feeling: ‘Oh my goodness, THERE it is!’ Then you find a way to make it your own, and once it is, it is yours (Fashion World).


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