Why Your First Suit Should Be A Navy Suit


If you’re looking to invest in your first suit, it can be tempting to go with something basic and safe: a black or charcoal suit. After all, those colors go with everything! However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and come across as polished and professional (without being boring), then I suggest making navy your first choice look at navy formal suit. If that sounds like a bold statement, read on for my reasons why this color is an excellent choice for your first suit.

The navy is more versatile than black.

Navy suits are more versatile than black, and you can wear them in a wider range of situations.

  • The Navy is more formal than black. It’s an easy choice for the office or a conservative event like a wedding or funeral.
  • Navy pairs well with browns, whites, grays, and blues because it has a natural look that will not overpower other colors when matched together. You can also go dark blue or navy if you want to match up your suit with another piece of clothing in case you don’t have time to change it before heading out for lunch or dinner after work!

A dark navy suit is dressier than a charcoal suit.

A dark navy suit is more formal than a charcoal one, so if you’re looking to make a good impression in the office or during your first job interview, the navy suit is a better choice. A dark navy suit will also work well in an office setting because it’s more neutral and less likely to clash with other colors.

While charcoal suits are great for casual settings (think: jeans and t-shirts), they don’t have quite the same versatility as navy. Navy suits can be worn with everything from white shirts to polos to sweaters, giving you lots of options when it comes time for wardrobe decisions on any given day!

It’s the best backdrop for bolder accessories.

Navy suits are the best backdrop for bolder accessories. Whether you’re on the fence about wearing a colored tie or pocket square, the navy will make it look great. It’s a classic color, so you don’t have to worry about any clashes of color when pairing it with your accessories.

You don’t even have to be all that adventurous with your accessories if you want to wear something more daring than a standard black tie (honestly, I love black). Yellow ties and pocket squares can stand out against navy suits!

Your first suit should be navy, not black or charcoal

If you’re looking to make your first suit purchase, we recommend navy over black or charcoal. Although dark navy is slightly dressier than charcoal, the former has a more versatile range of wearability and will serve you better as a first suit. A dark navy suit is acceptable in any situation where a lighter gray would be appropriate. It will look great with bolder accessories like an orange tie or pocket square without overpowering them. Just remember that this will come down to personal preference; if you want something more casual that still works well in professional settings, go with the darker colors!


Navy is a great color for your first suit. It’s versatile, so you’ll be able to wear it on a variety of occasions. It also looks dressy enough for formal events but not so formal that you can’t wear it casually. Finally, the navy will make your accessories (like ties and shirts) pop!


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