Turkey is one of the top ten medical tourism locations in the world. The country attracts patients across the world, majorly because of its high quality of care, affordable fees, and prompt access to elite treatment. The advantage offered here is huge savings when compared to other nations.

Turkey has been popular for its superb thermal spa resorts, which implies medical operations and services in present-day times. Bone marrow transplantation, weight loss, renal dialysis, plastic surgery, physiotherapy, and bariatric medical procedure are a portion of the therapies Turkey is known for. 

Keep reading to understand why Turkey is a favorite choice when it comes to medical tourism.

The Medical Tourism Industry

Medical tourism is traveling abroad to seek the needed treatment for a condition. Today, the trend has been shifting, especially where more developed nations are looking for cheaper yet better clinical treatment with more limited lead times.

Medical tourism is currently on the rise. The worldwide medical tourism industry market is predicted to reach about $180 billion by the year 2026.

5 Reasons Turkey is a Popular Medical Tourism Nation

As the medical tourism industry is increasing dramatically, more developing nations like Turkey are becoming the potential choice destination, particularly for health tourists. Among the many, who are entering the temporary fad offering an extraordinary health tourism niche in Turkey. Here are five reasons why Turkey is a dream location for medical tourists.

Good hospitals and competent surgeons

The clinical industry in Turkey is huge and efficient. Also, the Turkish government updates its health sector constantly. Furthermore, the government uses a PPP model (private-public-organization) to develop its medical care framework. Also, private hospitals often invest to keep improving their facilities. Again, surgeons who were trained internationally stay to perform their professions. This helps Turkey to offer the best form of health care. 

Speedy response

Since Turkey understands the worth of the medical tourism industry, more emphasis and attention is being placed on quick and quality service delivery. The same is so for foreign patients. Responses are quick. 

When it comes to scheduling a patient’s treatment, in less than fourteen days you can be enrolled for treatment as opposed to having to wait about a year and a half (for certain procedures) in the United Kingdom.

Surgeries are less expensive

By and large, medical procedures in Turkey can be 90% less expensive. Also, about 68% of the people who travel abroad exploit this for their private clinical therapy. This says a lot regarding how reasonable their clinical offers are.  

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it’s 70% less expensive than elsewhere in Europe. You will surely save more without forfeiting the quality of the treatment you need.

In addition, Turkish Airlines do offer a unique discount for medical voyagers. If you compute the absolute cost of your medical procedure, travel expense, and accommodation will be less expensive than getting similar medical procedures in most western nations. That’s a great deal for you!

Offers multiple treatments

While certain nations are well known for particular kinds of medical treatments, Turkey is unique. It offered varieties of treatments. 

Patients across the globe travel to Turkey for different medical reasons, for example, cancer treatments, low-cost in-vitro fertilization (IVF), hair transplant, dental treatments, and many more. The country is likewise famous for treating smoking addiction and psychological illnesses

It’s the focal center for the East and the West

Turkey is a gateway nation between the east and west. Whatever continent you are coming from, Turkey is a location that is readily accessible. 

Likewise, the nation has forever been a global center when it comes to commercial, political, and cultural.

The Istanbul Airport of Turkey is considered one of the world’s biggest air terminals. After its expansion is completed, it will be able to accommodate more than 200 million travelers every year. It will also have more than 300 direct flights around the world.


With the medical tourism in Turkey, an escape course has been opened for feeble patients, as well as families with financial challenges. This has also created a medium for them to have easy access to top-notch medical treatments. If you need to travel abroad for medical purposes, you can’t go wrong choosing Turkey. Finally, the Body Expert a medical tourism agency can assist if you need to travel to Turkey for a medical trip.


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