What Strategy Should Be Adopted To Crack SBI PO Exam For A Beginner?

The SBI PO exam is one of the most competitive exams in India. Lakhs of candidates apply for the SBI PO exam every year. 

To clear the exam, you need to have complete knowledge about the bank exam pattern and syllabus. We have prepared a complete study plan for all the aspirants who are preparing for SBI PO.. You can refer to this study plan and get an idea about how to prepare for the exam.

You can also browse through various study resources and material provided by BYJU’s Exam Prep to ensure that you crack the exam on the first attempt. 

Tips to Crack SBI PO Exam for a Beginner

Given below are the important tips and tricks that must be followed to crack the SBI PO exam if you are a beginner or have appeared. The following will guide you to get through the exam. 

Study the complete syllabus

You need to study the complete SBI PO syllabus of your paper. Make sure that you do not miss out on any topic. Do not make any assumptions about what is important and what is not. It is always better to study all topics so that you do not miss out on anything significant while writing the paper in the exam hall.

Analyse the pattern of the bank exam

The first step is to decide which bank exam you want to appear for. Different banks have different criteria for hiring employees. After deciding, analyse the pattern and syllabus of that particular exam. Some exams have fixed sections, whereas some have optional sections. After analysing the pattern, divide your time accordingly.

Make notes as you read

While reading up on topics and subjects, make notes of all important points. These notes will come in handy at a later stage when you revise the paper.

Revise from your notes

It is very important to revise from your own notes. You can even make copies of these notes for quick revision when you are on the move or travelling somewhere. This way you can save time and revise even when there are no books around you!

Practice mock tests

After preparing all the topics, practice mock tests regularly as it helps in improving speed and accuracy as well as in time management which is very important during bank exams preparation.

Update your current affairs

Read newspapers and keep yourself updated with current affairs: Reading newspapers is always important. However, it is even more important if you want to crack bank exams because they play a vital role in the General Knowledge (GK) section. The best way to prepare for the GK section is to read newspapers daily, watch news channels on TV regularly and also get access to monthly magazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review, etc. Also, make sure that you go through a monthly current affairs book because it has all information in short about what happened in the past month.

Prepare sections carrying a higher weightage

Quantitative aptitude will have more weightage than before because of the recent trends in the job market and the new pattern of the SBI PO exam. So, learn all formulas, shortcuts, tricks, and practice as many problems as possible. You can visit blogs on Maths Shortcut Tricks for more info on this topic.

Make an educated guess

Read the questions carefully. Don’t just read the first line and jump to the answer choices.

Eliminate answers you know are wrong. If you see a wrong answer choice, eliminate it. Use your common sense to make educated guesses. If you happen to know that a certain answer is the right one, choose it even if you have not read through all  the other choices.

Make sure that you do not get demotivated while practising. Time yourself and revise your notes as much as possible to perform better. With BYJU’s Exam Prep, you can prepare for the exam under the guidance of experts. 


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