What is meniscus Surgical Operation?

Meniscus surgical treatment is an operation to put off or restore a torn meniscus, a bit of cartilage with inside the knee.

What is a meniscus?

Each knee has menisci. They are rubbery, C-formed cushions that function as surprise absorbers with inside the knee joint. If your meniscus is injured or torn (frequently referred to as torn cartilage), your healthcare issuer can also additionally endorse surgical treatment to put off the broken element or restore it.

Who desires to have meniscus tear surgical treatment?

Meniskus OP and surgical treatment are not unusual places, especially amongst those who play sports. A surprising twist, flip or collision can tear a meniscus.

Older human beings additionally injure their menisci frequently. The menisci get vulnerable over the years and are much more likely to tear. In fact, meniscus tears may be an ordinary prevalence as part of the getting older process.

Many human beings with a torn meniscus pick surgical treatment due to the fact the injured cartilage could make the knee unstable (buckle and deliver way), cause ache and swelling or motivate the knee to “lock-up” or become “stuck.”

Does each meniscus damage want surgical treatment?

Some human beings want surgical treatment for a torn meniscus, however a few don’t. The choice relies upon on:

Type, length and area of the tear.

Your age.

Your pastime degree and lifestyle.

Related injuries (e.g., ACL tear).

Presence of symptoms (ache, swelling, locking, buckling, etc)

Your healthcare expert can also additionally propose you first attempt nonsurgical treatments, including:

RICE (relaxation, ice, compression and elevation).


Physical remedy.

Knee injections, including cortisone.


What occurs earlier than torn meniscus surgical treatment?

If you and your health practitioner determine to transport ahead with surgical treatment for a torn meniscus, you could have a few checks in advance. For example, blood checks, electrocardiogram (EKG) and chest X-ray can assist decide whether or not you’re wholesome sufficient for surgical treatment. (If you’re pretty wholesome, those checks are typically now no longer needed.)

Someone from the anesthesia crew will determine what sort of anesthesia (ache manage) you need to obtain:

Local anesthesia is a shot that numbs the simplest of your knee.

Regional anesthesia is a shot that numbs your frame from the waist down.

General anesthesia is a medicinal drug that places you to sleep.

If you obtain nearby or local anesthesia, you could additionally be sedated that will help you relax. Most frequently you’ll have a popular anesthetic for this sort of manner.

A few days earlier than surgical treatment, your healthcare issuer will:

Give you a prescription for medicinal drugs to manipulate ache after the surgical treatment.

Make appointments for bodily remedy or a becoming for crutches.

Tell you a way to put it together for surgical treatment. You can also additionally want to prevent taking medicinal drugs and now no longer devour or drink for numerous hours earlier than the manner.

What occurs at some point of arthroscopic meniscus surgical treatment?

The maximum not unusual place for a torn meniscus is knee arthroscopy. It typically takes much less than an hour.

First, you obtain anesthesia. The surgical crew cleans the pores and skin to your knee and covers the relaxation of your leg with a surgical drape. The crew may place a clamp to your top thigh to assist with positioning at some point of surgical treatment.

The health practitioner makes some small stab incisions (cuts) on your knee referred to as portals. The crew then fills the knee joint with a sterile fluid. The fluid manages minor bleeding with inside the joint and washes away debris, which allows the health practitioner to see in the joint.

The health practitioner inserts a small device referred to as an arthroscopic into the incision. An arthroscopic is a skinny tube with a small mild and video digital on the end. The digital initiatives video photographs from inner your knee onto a monitor.

The health practitioner makes use of the arthroscopic to study the tear and determine what surgical method to perform:

Meniscus restore:

The health practitioner sews torn portions of cartilage again collectively so that they can heal on their own. However, due to tear kind and blood supply, much less than 10%of tears are truly repairable. Partial meniscectomy: The health practitioner trims and gets rid of the broken cartilage and leaves wholesome meniscus tissue in the area.


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