What Is Dysphagia? What Are The Expert Given Treatment


The cases of Dysphagia are increasing with time, and it is becoming a matter of grave concern. After all, it is less of a disease and more of a tendency. 

And, if not taken care of properly, the issue of having difficulty swallowing can turn into a much bigger problem. Let’s keep reading to know more in this context.

What Is Dysphagia?

In easy terms, Dysphagia is a problem with swallowing, but it is regarded as a symptom or sign. There is a wide range of potential causes for the disease. Dysphagia can be caused by some difficulty in the swallowing process. 

There are, in general, three kinds of Dysphagia:

  • Oral Dysphagia.
  • Pharyngeal Dysphagia.
  • Esophageal Dysphagia.

As the name suggests, oral Dysphagia is a problem with the mouth. Pharyngeal Dysphagia is a problem with the throat, and Esophageal Dysphagia has some problems with the esophagus. 

There are certain symptoms of Dysphagia. You might find a sensation of food getting stuck in the chest. You might choke when you are eating some food. 

You might experience heartburn and hoarseness. You might also fail to control your saliva. Other than these, symptoms include unexplained loss of weight, drooling, and gagging. 

If the medical condition is mild, you can use swallowing gel to overcome the symptoms. If you want to know more, please visit website.You’ll get loads of valuable insights from it.

Expert Treatment For Dysphagia

There are some treatment methods to cure dysphagia, and each of them is highly effective. In this section, we discuss some of these aspects. 

1. Medication 

Medication can be highly effective for swallowing problems if it is a neurological trend like Polymyositis, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, or Perkinson’s disease. 

There are several drugs and therapies that can be applied to the patient’s effects. For example, Sedatives and tranquilizers are greatly effective for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

2. Dilation

Dilation is a therapy that is deemed extremely effective in finding the increasing size of the swallowing channels. 

It’s usually done to enlarge the esophageal channel during endoscopy so that they can insert the camera fitted to the tube through the throat. It is also highly effective in treating the titular issue. But you need to do it for a longer period of time along with medication. 

3. Enteral Feeding

Sometimes, the swallowing disorder becomes so serious that you cannot eat food and turn lean and thin. 

This is quite an extreme stage. In this situation, your physician uses feeding tubes so that food bypasses the troubled area and reduces choking. There are several types of feeding tubes:

  • Gastrostomy tubes.
  • Jejunostomy tubes.
  • Nasogastric tubes.

The physicians use these tubes depending on the requirement and the medical condition. 

4. Surgery

Surgery is done when the condition is highly critical. For example, if the patient suffers from achalasia, the surgeon must cut the muscle area so that it helps swallow food better. This swallowing issue arises due to the Esophagus; the surgeon has no other option but to cut the muscles of the esophageal wall.

5. Esophageal Stent Placement

Esophageal stent placement is one of the most modern methods of treatment. Though this one is rare, doctors are considering it as a treatment option for critical conditions. Here the physicians place some stents in the Esophagus. 

Then, when the patient takes some food, the stent will expand and create and channel for the food to pass quickly. Different scholastic studies showed that the treatment methodology holds great promise. 

Wrapping It Up 

The treatment methodologies discussed above are highly effective and can be used under different conditions. 

Dysphagia is an issue that is rising with time; therefore, one must consult physicians well in advance so that the situation is tackled well. 

However, it can also be found that new treatment methods have evolved, so patients don’t need to worry that much. 


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