Understanding The Relation Between Title IX and High School

Title IX aims to eliminate gender disparity in all educational institutions. Its sole purpose is to create a school environment where the students feel safe and equal. Title IX in Florida is enforced in all colleges as well as high schools. These are the following elements of title Ix that are incorporated into the school structure:

Students of all genders are given equal opportunities.

All the students are provided the opportunity of fair participation as well as the opportunity to seek other school benefits. The students are given a chance to appear for scholarships, examinations, and other scholastic competitions without any sort of discrimination.

Equal opportunities in sports.

This law also aims to reform the sports department and promote equal participation from students of all communities and genders.

Protection of LGBTQ students.

The law claims to prevent bullying and harassment of students from the LGBTQ community and bring them into the school mainstream.

 Safeguarding the rights of students 

Protection from sexual harassment

The imposition of Title IX intends to recognize and protect students from any type of sexual harassment or assault on school premises. This involves harassment by students as well as people employed in different departments of the school. 

Taking deliberate and substantial measures to bring justice to the victims.

Title IX’s role does not end with recognizing the issues that exist in the school. It seeks to compel school officials to take the necessary actions for sexual misconduct and bring justice to the victim.

This involves starting a fair investigation against the accused student as well as potential suspension of the same.

Preventive solutions to avoid any future incidents of sexual misconduct.

The school must promote the concept of student safety and inform everyone about the potential repercussions of getting charged with sexual misconduct. The school needs to keep track to avoid any systemic patterns that might be promoting discrimination or harassment of students.

IX coordinators

IX coordinators are appointed to investigate matters pertaining to sexual misconduct. It is mandatory in all schools as the coordinators play an important role in protecting all the students as well as implementing programs to end discrimination in schools. They are responsible for making legal decisions after thoroughly investigating cases of harassment. They make sure all the complaints are heard, and the victim gets fair compensation. Ensure to contact a Title IX attorney if you believe you are wrongfully blamed under Title IX. 


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