The Top Ten Woman Wicket-Takers For Australia in One-Day Internationals

The Australian Women’s Cricket Team is the name of Australia’s senior women’s cricket side that represents the country internationally (AWCT for short). In the pursuit of its objectives, the organization exemplifies the qualities of persistence and drive. One of the very first One-Day International (ODI) matches that was ever played was between the Australian Women’s Cricket Team and the Indian Women’s Cricket Team in 1973. According to ICC team ranking, during the course of their careers, they have competed in a combined total of 338 one-day internationals for their country. They field a significant number of really talented bowlers and have been victorious in the women’s One-Day International world cup on six separate occasions.

Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick

Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick, a former Australian right-arm fast bowler, made her debut in a One-Day International (ODI) match against the West Indies at Tunbridge on July 24, 1993. The match took place on that day. Due to the fact that she was eliminated from One-Day International competition 180 times throughout the course of her career, she is now in second position all-time. Throughout the course of 109 matches, Cathryn was successful in taking 180 wickets while keeping her economy rate at 3.01 and her average at 16.79. She played a total of four separate matches, each of which resulted in her collecting five wickets. The match against New Zealand that took place on March 5, 2007, in Chennai was CL Fitzpatrick’s final one as a player. New Zealand was the opponent.

Ellyse Alexandra Perry

Ellyse Alexandra Perry became the youngest Australian player in the history of international cricket when she competed in her first One-Day International (ODI) match in July 2007, which was played against New Zealand. She is a right-hand batter and a right-arm fast bowler for the Australian cricket team, both of which are positions she plays. Throughout his career, which consisted of 118 games, he amassed 152 wickets against 115 innings played against the bowler. Her current average is 25.17, and her economy rate is 4.39. She has three hauls of five wickets each.

LC Sthalekar 

The right-hand batter and right-arm off-break specialist Lisa Carprini Sthalekar has been an important component of the Australian cricket team in the past. She was honoured with the title of Women’s International Cricketer of the Year in Australia in February 2007, while she was competing for Australia in international cricket. He played in 125 games and took 146 wickets, while he batted in 123 innings throughout those games. The match average was 24.97, and the economy rate was 3.66, despite having one bowler take all five wickets.

JL Jonassen

Jessica Louise Jonassen, a left-arm orthodox bowler with a slow delivery, made her One-Day International (ODI) debut on January 25, 2012 in Sydney, playing against New Zealand. She participated in 74 matches as a batswoman, accumulating 113 wickets at a rate of 19.97 runs per match and 3.9 runs per over, including two five-wicket hauls.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt, who bowls right-arm fast-medium and made her debut in a One-Day International match against New Zealand on December 17, 2012 in Sydney, is now a member of the current Australian women’s side. She finished with 99 wickets over the course of 65 games, averaging 21.84 and with an economy rate of 4.22.

Shelley Nitschke

Shelley Nitschke, an Australian cricketer who bats left-handed and bowls slowly with her left arm in the orthodox style, made her debut in one-day internationals in 2005. Nitschke bowls in the orthodox manner with her left arm. The blonde spinner S. In the World Cup, Nitschke was the bowler who collected the most wickets. She had an economy rate of 3.58 and an average of 22.14 throughout the course of 80 games, during which she bowled 98 wickets and took 78 innings.

KL Rolton

Karen Louise Rolton used to be a left-handed batsman and a left-arm medium bowler for Australia in cricket. She was known as Karen Louise Rolton. She succeeded B. as team captain in February of 2006 and has held that position since. Clark’s departure. Over the course of 141 games played and 92 innings bowled, Rolton has compiled a batting average of 20.81 and an economy rate of 3.24. She retired in 2010 after breaking a record for the most appearances in a single-day tournament with 141, and she is known as Australia’s all-time leading run scorer in tests.

Charmaine Lea Mason

Charmaine Lea Mason was a right-arm fast bowler who was a member of the Australian women’s cricket team. She made her One-Day International (ODI) debut on February 7, 1997, in Melbourne, against Pakistan. She now has the third-best batting average in her career for one-day international matches. After 46 matches, Mason has taken 83 wickets while averaging 13.85 and having an economy rate of 2.91. He has also had two hauls of five wickets. In her last match, which took place in Dublin on July 15, 2001, Mason competed against Ireland.

LA Fullston, 

Former Australian slow left-arm orthodox bowler Lynette Ann Fullston made her debut on 10 January 1982 against India in Auckland. Her last game for Australia was against England in Melbourne on 18 December 1988. Fullston’s career in international competition ended in 1988. Within the context of One-Day Internationals, Fullston has the second-best batting average of all time. She took 73 wickets throughout the course of 41 games, with an average of 13.26 and an economy rate of 2.45 runs per game. She had two hauls of five wickets each.

EA Osborne

In her first international match, which took place on February 1, 2009 in Whangarei against New Zealand, right-arm off-break bowler Erin Alyse Osborne made her debut for Australia. On September 25, 2016, she competed in a match for the last time against Sri Lanka in Colombo. Her opponent for the match was Sri Lanka. She took part in 60 matches and recorded 68 wickets while averaging 25.57 runs per game and had an economy rate of 4.02.

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