The world has changed in the last few years and cryptocurrencies are on the forefront of it. People who invest in crypto have to be aware of the implications in their taxation and how they will be taxed. Crypto is no more just a bubble and it is a revolution that will continue to change the world. It is inevitable that the government will try to regulate the market and impose taxes on crypto. They will have to impose taxes on those who trade in cryptocurrencies and the profits they make from it. These crypto taxes have to be considered by investors, especially when buying and selling crypto stocks for profit.

1. Cost Basis for Capital Gains :

Capital gains tax is the amount of money you have to pay as income taxes on the increase in value of your assets. It is calculated by subtracting the original cost basis from the capital gains which are proceeds from selling or trading crypto stocks. Cost basis refers to the initial purchase price and any costs associated with buying it, like fees and transaction costs. It is the basis for calculating capital gains and only for investments made in the same asset. It is important to keep in mind that the cost basis of your investments are very important when calculating your capital gains. It is a good idea to have a detailed record of all your crypto investments in the past.

2. Tax Treatment of Crypto Holdings :

Taxes on crypto holdings depend on the type of crypto assets that you have and when they were bought and sold. It is very important to have a clear understanding of how taxes will be treated on crypto holdings. Investors are taxed based on when they sell their crypto assets. Cryptocurrencies that were bought with fiat currency are treated as property and hence are taxed either as property and securities depending on their nature. It is important to know about the laws of your country as it will have a great effect on how you are taxed.

3. The Marketability Issue :

There is a huge concern over the marketability of crypto assets and its effects on the price stability and market. This affects the legitimacy of the crypto currencies in the eyes of investors. The cryptocurrency tax is very complicated for investors because there are no clarifications and clear regulations yet when it comes to issues like this. This leads to issues such as cost basis, marketability and capital gains tax being issues that investors have to deal with when they opt to buy crypto stocks.

4. Reporting of Crypto Holdings :

Reporting of crypto holdings has always been a problem for investors. It puts the amount of capital invested by an investor in jeopardy and that the market will not be able to decide how the said crypto asset will be valued. This leads to issues such as taxes on crypto holdings and how this is going to affect the person who owns them. Reporting is a big concern for investors because it will lead to capital losses since there are no regulations yet for cryptocurrencies.

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