Sushil Singh: Key Facts To Know About Indian Entrepreneur

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh is indeed a great example to follow for several young children in India. Now the founder and director of SaiVa SysTem, SaiVa AcadEmy, SSR Techvision, Just Wish and Deebaco, Sushil has indeed done a great job in making sure that hard work and dedication can do make dreams reality. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2015, has raised millions of pounds. 

It shows that how greatly things have gone for Sushil and his ventures. Having working offices in India and the United States do speak a lot. He started his career in 2005 and worked for the next 10 years for some top organizations despite being a college dropout. It shows that anything is possible if a person is ready to take that step of consistency. 

However, there are several points that one may do not know about him. 

  • Sushil is a huge fan of fitness. He spends hours at the gym for staying fit every day. Pawan Yadav is his personal trainer. 
  • Sushil loves to watch movies. He loves the work of Matthew McConaughey. 
  • He reespects the class of Shah Rukh Khan and the way he treats people with the utmost respect. 
  • Sushil does like travel a lot. He has visited over 20 US cities. 
  • Sushil is a father of a daughter. 
  • Sarita Rawat Singh is the wife of Sushil Singh. They married possibly in 2013 or 2014. 
  • Sushil loves his Diet Coke. 
  • He likes to read a lot. Hence, one can a lot of books at his house and office. 
  • Sushil has rsaied millions of USD as a professional. 
  • Sushil runs an NGO named Just Wish. One can take a look at for knowing more about the project. 
  • Sushil is very much achieve on Instagram, having over 61k followers. 
  • He likes to eat Indian and Mexican dishes.


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