Seven Cake-worthy Celebrations

Celebrations have their own grace and joy, and joy is incomplete without delicacies like sweets and cakes. These not only boost the happiness hormone in humans, but they also satisfy our taste buds with ease. Keeping this craving and the sweetness of the occasion in mind, the cake-cutting ceremony now forms an integral part of almost all celebrations. Although this particular part invariably adds to whatever occasion it is made a part of, there are still a few occasions which are incomplete without cake. Cake, playing such a prominent role, surely needs to be finger-licking good and amazing. Platforms like Bakingo have a range of cakes in different flavours and types. The latest additions to the trend are the “Pinata” cakes, “pull-me-up” cakes, and “bomb” cakes. They make the cake part look magnificent, and their taste is absolutely mouth-watering. Cake delivery in Kanpur, Hyderabad, Greater Noida and many other cities is done at flexible timings and hence, your delicacy is made available to you with just a few clicks. So the next time you plan your celebrations, make sure not to miss out on a dose of this delicious dessert. Some events for which you must keep this in mind are as follows:


Cake-cutting has now become an important birthday ritual in contemporary and traditional families. The thing is so much in style that people prefer sending cakes over gifts to celebrate the occasion, and hence the day turns out to be literally too sweet for the birthday person. People cut cake at home, at work, with friends at parties and the list goes on. It’s so in-style that not stabbing the cake means you haven’t officially celebrated your birthday.

Achievement Celebrations

This is another occasion on the list that necessitates cake cutting. As said already, sweets release the happiness hormone in humans, and that is what is desirable when you celebrate their achievements. Cakes make the celebrations more joyous and lift the whole mood of the occasion. From the celebration of someone clearing their dream exam to some person achieving their dream job to someone getting promoted, cakes enhance the whole mood of the celebration. Hence, they are indeed a must!

Bachelors/Hems Party

Cutting cakes while celebrating bachelorhood is the latest trend and has become so well intermixed with the celebration that it is now very intrinsic to the celebration. Along with the decorations and the party items like drinks, snacks, and food, the cake cutting ceremony marks another level of celebration while you celebrate your last party before tying the sacred knot. And of course, the music, dance and booze don’t hurt at all.


Cakes are a perfect way to mark the beginning of a new phase of life with joy and sweetness. Cheers to the ones you love, and start a beautiful life together by exchanging rings and cutting the delicious cake on the table.Yes, that’s how cakes have made it to the engagement celebrations as well. There are cakes designed for the engagement celebration that make the celebrant and the crowd cheer with joy to level up your celebrations for the day.

Wedding Receptions

Marriages form a grand part of a person’s life. And now is the scenario where cake cutting is seen as a part of every wedding celebration. A grand cake is brought before the newly married couple, and the two celebrate their joy with the cutting of the cake and by making each other taste the first bite. In fact, it signifies good fortune and fertility for the couple and good luck for everyone who tastes the delicacy of such a grand celebration.


Be it a wedding or a dating anniversary, cakes celebrate love in ways that nothing else can. People celebrate the love and care they have for each other by cutting a cake together. Special attention is paid in such celebrations to the favourite flavours of the celebrant because it is their important day and arrangements are made in view of what would make them the happiest.

Baby Shower

Baby shower cakes, specially designed for the occasion, increase the joy exponentially of the celebration. A lady expecting a child craves different sorts of delicacies during pregnancy, and this sweet thing gives her the joy of dessert with its sweetness and oh-so-special cute child-centric designs. It warms the heart of the to-be-mother and brings her happiness that the day and future hold for her.

Cakes for celebrations are like the icing on the cake itself. No, literally! Look how these delicacies have transformed our way of making ‘sabka muh meetha’. And now that it’s a part of us, let’s do it right with our favourite flavors, pretty designs, and lots of fun and enthusiasm.


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