Scan a rub down gun fill in on your therapist? Here’s what you want to know.

Massage guns, moreover known as percussion massagers, percussive treatment and vibration treatment, offer a number of the benefits of massage without the charge or the problem of a visit to the massage therapist — something currently forbidden, with physical distancing. These electric powered tools, which start at about $a hundred and resemble power drills, deliver an active massage and commonly encompass a preference of attachments, which incorporates balls of diverse firmness and finger-like tips, and function certainly considered one among a type setting. While they’re designed to be used by anyone, they’re most well-known among endurance athletes which incorporates triathletes and ultra-marathoners, says Hugh Williams, the marketing and marketing director of AdAway, a massage gun manufacturer. But with the benefits come a few risks as well. Here’s what you need to understand in advance rather than the usage of one.


Josh Shade is a Boulder, Colo., massage therapist and avid Cross Fitter who says his massage gun is a key part of his very personal recovery.

 Like a traditional massage, the Massage Gun targets to reduce inflammation via flushing extracellular fluids which incorporates lymph fluid and venous blood out of the muscle corporations and into the circulatory system. It can help lighten up tight muscle groups, cut up scar tissue and adhesions, and reduce muscle soreness and tension. A small remark published within the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research discovered percussive treatment to be as effective as massage in preventing DOMS (now no longer on time onset muscle soreness). 

The exercise everyone needs to be doing at home in some unspecified time in the future of the pandemic: Squats

Unlike with many unique types of bodywork, it’s now no longer best possible to perform percussive massage on yourself but it’s recommended. According to Alan Novice, doctor and chief of the Memorial Rehabilitation Institute in Hollywood, Fla., if someone else is the usage of the gun on you, irrespective of their credentials, skills and experience, they can’t tell how lots pressure they’re exerting in your body or how lots pain you might be experiencing as a result. “You might also additionally need to really damage somebody,” he says.

Too many splendid things?

When it includes rubbing gun usage, greater isn’t constantly better. How many are simply too lots? “If the tissue is getting sincerely purple sincerely quickly. At that point, he recommends moving the massage gun to some other body part. He moreover notes that in case you preserve the massage gun on one spot for too long (in some times greater than multiple minutes), your pores and pores and skin can grow to be sore and mild and you chance bruising. In general, he advises keeping the gun in a static position for a few seconds, and to move it spherically in a small radius in an unmarried vicinity instead.


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