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Raimi Memes: Intro

The infamous “raimiposting” memes are a series of memes which were introduced all the way back in 2016. These raimi memes were first bought to light by 4 chan. It’s a type of parody meme which indicates a certain pop culture. These memes include mis – quoting Sam Raimi’s dialogues in the very popular super hero movie : spiderman. Actually there was a very racist, homophobic and gay joke in the original spider man movie but people believed that if this movie came out in today’s time, it would cause outrage.  These meme posts were remarked by – it was a different time, or – Jesus Christ Raimi.

IMPACT & SPREAD: Raimi Memes

In the time of the year 2016 and 2017, many quotes from the original Spider man movie triology were posted in an offensive way in the famous 4 chan subreddit on the Reddit platform. Many characters from the original movie were shown to be racist, homophobic or making some kind of offensive statement or joke. All these memes and jokes ended with people showing Sam Raimi disgust to include these offensive jokes in the movies, this thing was common. The first “raimi posting” was used on march 1 in 2016 on the 4 chan subreddit and while it was trending when it was new, people still do post “raimi posting” posts to this date. If you are interested in knowing about these incidents and Samim Raimi, trust me you don’t want to miss out on this list of Raimi memes below


  • The Osborn inside me when I successfully connect to the Wifi : I am something of a scientist myself.
  • Teacher: you can’t hear images, it’s impossible. Me imagining peter parker screaming
  •  After watching all 3 spiderman movies as an adult : I MISCALCULATED
  • So what, we can get a picture of the twin towers but not of spiderman?
  • Sam Raimi crying when the Spiderman is banned for a gay joke
  • Sam Raimi crying because the Multiverse of madness was banned for having a gay character.
  •  When someone tells me that watching spider man 3 is amazing but for you it’s guilty pleasure.
  • Sam Raimi already on his way to sabotage Doctor Strange 2 and Spiderman 4
  •  When Spiderman is punching sandman but someone wrote – sandman getting fisted by Spiderman


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