Pros and Cons of YouTube Video Marketing

Nowadays, a lot of people have the desire to start a YouTube channel. A YouTube channel can help you in sharing ideas with others worldwide. At the same time, you can grow your business as long as you create good videos with a video maker. You can get more inspiration from a video maker before starting to create videos.

But, besides the many benefits, a YouTube channel can also have some issues. We shall discuss both the pros and cons of marketing using a YouTube channel in our review.

The Pros of YouTube Video Marketing

The advantages of making YouTube videos include:

You Can Transform the Videos to Anything

The biggest benefit of making YouTube videos is, you can transform them into what you want them to look like. YouTube right now has several videos that include video blogs, comedy skits, music videos, how-to videos, etc. Using a video maker, you can create any.

It Is an Easy Process

Another advantage of marketing on YouTube is that it doesn’t need a lot of experience. Mostly, you just need a video maker. The good thing is that there are also several devices you can use to record YouTube videos. For example, a lot of smartphones today can record videos.

Apart from smartphones, you should also include traditional webcams or camcorders. In addition, you will need a video maker if you want a quality YouTube video. A video maker allows you to edit the videos before you upload them on YouTube. You can also create videos from scratch using it.

Free to Use

With the help of a video maker, you can create videos, then upload them for free. Therefore, you stand a good chance of experimenting and finding out whether it benefits your business.

However, there’s YouTube Premium. With YouTube Premium, you have to pay so that you can watch content without ads. Also, you can play the videos while you are offline or in the background. YouTube Premium also allows you to watch YouTube Music Premium. At the same time, you can watch original movies and series. Therefore, those who pay a premium can basically avoid your ads.

You Can Make Money

When you create videos and use the right video maker to edit, you can make money. This can come based on the number of views. However, to make money from your YouTube videos, you need the Google AdSense account. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account, you can create it through your YouTube channel.

Besides Google AdSense, you can make money through:

  • Affiliate links.
  • Merch and Products.
  • Offer Services.
  • Selling Digital products.

Cons of YouTube Video Marketing

Besides the advantages, YouTube video marketing also has its good share of disadvantages:

It Doesn’t Have Privacy

Unlike other social media platforms, any content you upload on YouTube remains public. It means that people will see all your videos uploaded even without creating an account. Furthermore, anybody has the freedom of posting a video. Therefore, there can be issues related to privacy invasion and copyright issues.

It Has a Lot of Rules

Like most of the social media platforms, you have to follow some rules while creating YouTube videos. Even with the right video maker, there are several rules that guide you on what you should post. Also, the rules may guide you on how the YouTube channel you create should look like and even optimization.

They Can Disable Your Account

If you go against the rules of YouTube, the YouTube team can disable your account. It can happen because of the following:

  • If you publicized a video that goes against the terms of service or community guidelines.
  • Posting videos with the intention of abusing others on the platform. It can be in form of sex comments, harassment, or spam.
  • If relevant parties have continuously reported your videos for infringing copyright.

Rather than using a video maker to create unique YouTube videos, some may decide to copy other people’s ideas. This is very wrong and can land you in trouble. YouTube can delete or disable your videos and your account.

Any Advertiser May Put Any Ad on Your Video

YouTube doesn’t provide a limit to who should put an ad on your video. It means, that even your competitors may run ads on or near your videos.

Final Thoughts

There are several advantages and disadvantages of making and posting videos on your YouTube channel. However, we felt that you should know about the ones we have listed. If you make YouTube videos with a lot of caution using a video maker, you can have a positive experience. Also, it would help if you observe caution when engaging other people who use the YouTube platform.

Any YouTuber should evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of creating and posting YouTube videos. It will help you in making a sound decision about whether to make YouTube videos or not.

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