Most women recognize the effectiveness of shapewear to sculpt their bodies more curvy and make their stomachs look flat and slim instantly. But there are also some people who think that shapewear has no effect and instead torture them while wearing it. What happened?

Ladies, shapewear is actually created as a gift from designers to women so they can be more confident because their body curves become more ideal and fabulous. Shapewear is completely painless when worn, in fact it has many benefits both in terms of fashion and health. Most of those who fail to get the benefits of shapewear, most likely they are wrong in choosing it. Hence, choosing the right shapewear is the main rule when you want to buy it, especially if you want to buy plus size shapewear.

Here are 5 tips you can follow before buying plus size shapewear!

1. Size

Suggestion : Choose a seller who provides a wide variety of sizes.

Size is the main thing that anyone should pay attention to when buying shapewear, especially plus size body shaper. Apart from considering the comfort aspect, this is also closely related to health.

Shapewear is a type of tight clothing to shape the body. Choosing the wrong size can cause various problems for you, such as discomfort and unexpected results. Shapewear that is too big will not be able to work effectively to shape your body, while shapewear that is too small will make it difficult for you to breathe, feel uncomfortable and interfere with your movement. So, shapewear with the right size is the best for you.

Shop at shapewear sellers who offer various sizes for their customers, for example Shapellx which provides sizes from S to 6XL. Pay attention to the measurement details when you are going to pay for the item of your choice. If necessary, re-measure yourself to be sure. If you’re having trouble, it’s okay to ask customer service for help, who will be happy to guide you.

2. Effectiveness

Suggestion : Visit a seller who has various types and designs of shapewear according to your needs.

The effectiveness of shapewear to shape your body is also influenced by the type and design of the shapewear itself. If you want shapewear for sports and workouts, choose a waist trainer with a velcro adhesive design. If you want tummy control undergarment, then opt for a seamless body shaper with high compression features. Meanwhile, if you want to shape your hips and buttocks to be more beautiful and toned, wear a best shapewear for tummy and waist.

It’s important to know and decide what you really want from your shapewear. The best shapewear brands have a large collection of products with various categories, which makes it easy for you to choose according to your needs. Try stopping by Shapellx, there you will be treated to various types and designs of shapewear that you need.

3. Anti-irritant

Suggestion : Choose shapewear with high quality materials.

Buying plus size shapewear means that you have to choose a product with skin-friendly and elastic materials to support your comfort. The skin-friendly material has the characteristics of being soft, odor-resistant and anti-irritating. Even today the best brands also provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology in their thong shapewear bodysuits. While the elastic material is able to follow your curves and movements so that it remains comfortable to wear everyday and for a long time. Some of the fabrics that are often used to make the best shapewear products are latex, polyester, spandex, nylon, and others.

4. Comfort

Suggestion : Consider the additional features provided.

Plus-sized shapewear must prioritize comfort, one of which is by adding convenience features such as an open crotch design that makes it easier for you when you need to go to the toilet, glue at the bottom of the shapewear to prevent the fabric from rolling up, several hook columns that can be adjusted for tightness, and so on. You can also consider other things such as additional slimming belts to make your shapewear more versatile for various activities.

5. Reviews

Suggestion : Go to sellers who have good ratings and post honest reviews from their customers.

Don’t forget this one thing. Reviews and real photos from other customers can help you decide if the shapewear is worth buying. You can also get information from customer reviews whether the shapewear works according to its product claims or not. One of the popular shapewear brands that displays customer reviews as a reference for potential buyers is Shapellx.

Well, hopefully all the tips in this article are useful for those of you who are going to buy the best plus size shapewear. Again, make sure you choose the right shapewear so you can get optimal results as well. Happy shopping!


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