December Global holidays

Planning to travel this summer? Let’s have a look at “The December Global Holidays”

Congratulations guys!! Your winter vacation this year is going to be one of the best moments of your life.

Are you wondering why and how?

So, to make your winter vacation full of fun and joy, we have shortlisted some of the best global places to spend your holidays, where you can have an incredible experience of new cultures, festivals, and local delicacies. To find out more about star wars costumes check out Blossom Costumes.


Winter is the time when people like to spend time with their families and enjoy the heat of the bonfire. It is the time when families unite after a very long time and enjoy the time together by having family dinners. It is the time most awaited by kids to get surprises from Santa Claus, which brings them joy. Make it even more memorable for them by booking your stay at BVI Villas.

Overall, winter is a time when everyone hopes to enjoy the season with family or friends. Many of you must be planning to go on a winter vacation this year during the December Global Holidays, but are not sure where to go. Some of you may also be unaware of different festivals that are celebrated worldwide.

Don’t worry, you’ve found the right thing and arrived at the right place to plan your vacation. This article will give you all the information you need to know about where to go, how to plan your trip, and what to do while you’re there.

Famous Global Holidays in December :

  1. Krampusnacht (December 5th)

Krampusnacht is the most widely observed in Germany. The Evil is the bad equivalent of Santa Claus. The most wonderful aspect of this celebration is the costumes that people wear. To symbolize the Krampus in modern times, people wear a wooden mask with a terrifying face and a fur costume.

2. Hanukkah (December 18th to December 26th)

It is regarded as the Jewish Festival. The festival begins from December 18th to December 26th. The history of this festival is based on a miracle: while fighting Greeks and trapped in a location, Jews discovered a jug of oil that was supposed to last one day but miraculously lasted eight. The celebration features family and friend reunions as well as excellent cuisines such as potato pancakes and doughnuts.

3. Christmas Eve (December 25th)

It is often regarded as the most renowned celebration on the planet. It is a Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. 

People attend church, have family dinners, and decorate their Christmas trees. The emphasis of the day is on sharing food, presents, and love with friends and family. Typically, children must wait a long time for their gifts to be placed beneath the Christmas tree.

4. Ōmisoka (December 31st)

Japan’s new year is likewise celebrated on December 31st. It is considered one of Japan’s most significant events. People gather with their families one last time during the previous year to welcome the new year.

Many people go to shrines and temples, clanging bells 108 times to represent the 108 worldly aspirations that are believed to bring human sorrow.

5. New Year’s Eve (December 31st)

There is no better way to round off a joyous month than with a celebration. New Year’s Eve is widely recognized as the greatest December global holiday, and it is celebrated all over the globe to mark the completion of the old year and the beginnings of the new.

People celebrate by hosting parties and attending clubs and concerts. 

Tips to Plan Your Winter Vacation

  • First, select a festival from the options listed above. If you have selected any country-specific festival, then you should research more about its flights, weather, food, and hotels to prepare for your vacation.
  • On any of the December global holidays, you can definitely visit your dream country as both the festivals are celebrated all over the world. The most amazing places to visit during this time are Abu Dubai and New York. Leave your luggage with luggage storage NYC and explore the Big Apple handsfree.
  • It is better to have a holiday package from a trusted source rather than to discover the place on your own in a new country. You will get a proper itinerary to follow.
  • Flight tickets are the most important if you are booking them on your own. Try to book tickets at least 2 months prior to the trip to save a huge amount of money.
  • Have a look at the transportation services if you are new to the country, as snowy winters can change the routes and make you stuck for long hours.
  • Always have food items with you as there could be places that don’t have vegetarian food, so keep this in mind. 
  • Be wary of currency exchangers; there may be times when you desperately need foreign currency but there isn’t an ATM nearby, so you exchange it with anyone. It could lead to fraud sometimes.


In my opinion, if you wanted to go on a vacation but couldn’t, then you should certainly take the winter vacation trip and plan it with your loved ones. Wintertime is the most pleasant time all over the world. So, have a look at the mentioned December Global Holidays and choose the one that intrigues you the most. Take that one step, and after that, everything is easy peasy (follow tips). 


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