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Only Fools And Horses Trigger: Class Act

Colin Ball, better known as Trigger, is a fictitious character who appears in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and its predecessor Rock & Chips. In the show, he was played by Roger Lloyd-Pack, while in Rock & Chips, he was played by Lewis Osbourne (Only Fools And Horses Trigger).

Trigger, a regular at the Nag’s Head bar and an old buddy of Del Boy, is a road sweeper who also dabbles in trading and petty thefts (however this position as a small-time crook is quickly phased out of the character’s growth). The trigger has a sluggish, monotone voice and is simple-minded, despite being amiable and warm-hearted. When Rodney inquired about his father’s whereabouts in the episode “Ashes to Ashes,” Trigger stated, “he died a couple of years before I was born.”

Only Fools And Horses Trigger: Crucial Info

His grandparents raised him, and his grandfather had also worked as a road sweeper. When Boycie presses Trigger to reveal who his mother listed on the birth certificate as Trigger’s father, Trigger grudgingly replies, “Some troops.” Donald had been overheard bragging about losing his virginity… giving complete information of the time and place, and was thus identified as a far more likely candidate than the Archangel Gabriel.” Trigger is not married, but he does mention previous relationships on occasion during the series, and he is shown on a blind date with a woman in the 1988 Christmas special Dates (Only Food and horses Trigger).

Trigger constantly refers to Rodney Trotter as “Dave.” Rodney corrects him in “Homesick,” and he agrees to stop, but a few seconds later he calls him “Dave” again. When Rodney’s wife, Cassandra Trotter, announced her pregnancy in “Modern Men,” everyone lifted their glasses and toasted “To Cassandra and Rodney,” but Trigger can be heard murmuring “Dave” after everyone else has finished speaking. Trigger discusses Del and Raquel’s son, saying, “If it’s a boy, they’re name him Rodney, after Dave.”

Only Fools And Horses Trigger: What Makes It Special?

Trigger made his debut appearance on Only Fools and Horses in the first episode and remained a regular throughout the show’s run. He is an example of a breakthrough character in that, despite his place as a minor, supporting character, he became popular with the show’s viewers.

Trigger appears as a teen in the prequel series Rock & Chips to Only Fools and Horses. He is a minor figure in the prequel series, but Violet Trotter, Del’s grandmother, references Grandad’s affair with Trigger’s grandmother, Alice Ball, in “The Frog and the Pussycat.” Trigger’s real name is mentioned for the first time in the Only Fools and Horses franchise.

Reg asks Del and Jumbo in the premiere episode if Trigger is psychologically okay because he once saw Trigger laughing at a turned-off television set.


Trigger was supposed to appear in an Only Fools and Horses sketch for Sport Relief in 2014, however, Lloyd-Pack died from pancreatic cancer on January 15, 2014. The screenplay was later modified to remove Trigger’s role, while it is indicated in the sketch that Trigger is unable to assist Del and Rodney with their latest business venture since he is working at the market. The doodle was dedicated to Lloyd-Pack and John Sullivan’s memories.

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