One sided Love

One sided Love: When to move on!

One sided love is a state of emotion where a person is deeply and madly in love with another person but the other person is not in love with the same. Some say it’s a beautiful emotion, some say it’s the most heartbreaking thing ever, whatever might the case be, this emotion comes with a lot of passion and intensity. There is a famous saying by a Bollywood movie- the power of one sided love is something else, unlike any other relationship it cannot be divided between two people, it has only my right on itself and just mine”. No matter how good these lines sound, there is no happily ever after in this situation.

One sided love: 5 signs that tell you to back off from this kind of love.

-Maybe you are just not their type- Every human has a particular type, you just not might be the one for them. No matter what you do, your perception won’t change in their eyes. You might deserve someone better, so invest your time and energy into something better and you never know.

One sided love: Significant note 

-If the other person only cares about their emotional state- If you dearly love a person, you might not want them to be in a bad state, you will always be there for them but it’s not right if that person is taking emotional advantage of you and you are the only one listening to his/her problems and not vice versa.

One sided Love
A definition of One sided Love!

-If they are always busy for you- If that person has time for everything and everyone but no time for you then you seriously have to back off! They might cancel your plans and give you lame excuses. They will try and avoid spending much time with you.

-Not clear intentions- If you have confessed your feelings to them and they kept on hanging then it’s time for you to move on. You wouldn’t want to be with someone who is actually unsure of their feelings. 


It’s okay to love someone but keep in mind, you come first, your priority comes first and doesn’t make the whole universe about that one person, there is a lot more in life to learn and explore.

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