These days, it’s a challenging task to find a student who doesn’t own a smartphone. Learners use their mobile phones for different purposes. The capabilities of modern devices increase fast, so students use mobile phones not only to communicate with others. Smartphones entertain them, help them find the best routes, bring answers to almost any questions, and even assist in doing homework. We will explore the applications that help many students in the post below. If you’re a learner, read about the most helpful apps you should have installed on your smartphone.

Google Calendar

It is a powerful and free application that can streamline the scheduling process and facilitate cooperation with others, which is essential for undergraduates. With the help of the application, you can create separate calendars. For example, you can create personal, study, and work calendars that will be displayed on one timetable. The app foresees the opportunity to enable and disable particular calendars easily math for fourth graders.

More importantly, Google Calendars makes it easy to access other people’s timetables. For instance, students can easily check the agendas of their teacher or mates to understand when they are free and book a meeting upon the need. You can quickly pick the best time and schedule meetings with others using the app. Also, you will be able to check who accepts or rejects your invitations. Moreover, students can connect the calendars made by their educational institutions, so they do not miss any lectures or crucial events in college.

In addition to many helpful features, the application is integrated with other apps and services. Therefore, when you make reservations or book flight tickets, they get automatically added to your calendar. The application sends notifications to help you not miss any important events on your agenda.


Even though mobile phones can be huge helpers for students, they also negatively affect the learning productivity of many undergraduates. Smartphones usually distract learners from their essential responsibilities. Consequently, they frequently browse the Internet and chat with friends instead of doing their homework. In essence, learners waste a lot of precious time.

Experiencing a lack of time to compose academic papers, they frequently ask their mates, “Do you know who can write my paper for me cheap?” Reaching out to professional writers is one of the best options to complete a paper quickly without compromising its quality. Skilled academic writers can compose top-grade essays even if there is less than one day to the due date.

Forest is one of the most successful apps that help undergraduates get rid of distractions to boost productivity. When the focus mode is enabled, learners cannot use their smartphones. After completing a focus session, they get achievements in the form of virtual trees. Using the app constantly, users can grow a forest that implies a lot of different trees acquired for completing focus sessions.


A lot of students have tight budgets. Therefore, they are always looking for the best deals to save their money. Their student ID cards can be very helpful in spending money wisely. These days, a lot of stores offer great discounts for undergraduates. UniDays is a popular mobile app that helps verify student IDs to get services and products at deducted prices. Moreover, it gathers all the deals for students in one place. Therefore, if you’re a student, you can use this application to purchase apparel or appliances from famous brands at a lower cost. The app also foresees the opportunity to find eateries that offer discounts for learners.

Google Drive

The cloud is one of the best places to store crucial files. It helps keep files safe and accessible on any device. Google Drive is one of the best applications for students. They can store up to 15 GB in the cloud using the app. Moreover, students can access their files anywhere. For example, they can start writing a paper using a shared computer in a library and finalize it at home without carrying any physical drives. Also, the application has extra helpful features. Using the app, students can create collaborative environments so that many users can create, upload, and edit files simultaneously. It is very useful when learners need to work on one task from different locations. Meanwhile, there is an opportunity to protect files that contain sensitive information so that nobody will be able to access them.

Chegg Math Solver

Unfortunately, a lot of undergraduates struggle to do math homework. It usually takes a lot of time to make complicated calculations and double-check them. This application can resolve any math problem in a few seconds. You can enter an equation or snap a hand-written math problem. The application is capable of solving tasks of any complexity fast. Moreover, it offers step-by-step instructions on how to get particular solutions. It helps students understand how to solve a particular math problem when they get stuck.


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