mazapan de la rosa owner

Mazapan De La Rosa Owner

Mazapan De La Rosa Owner’, S.A. de C.V. is a candy and confectionery company based in Mexico. Chocolates, chicles, gomitas, bombones, mazapanes, caramelos, paletas, tamarindos, and surtidos are just a few of the products the company sells. Customers in Mexico are served by Mazapan de la Rosa.

How did it start?

Jesus Michel Gonzalez along with his family in Guadalajara, Mexico, started producing candy in 1942. The ‘de la Rosa’ company was established as a result. One of the most popular candies in Mexico nowadays is Mazapan De La Rosa Owner candy. Pulparindo is one of the numerous sweets that the company makes.

The Biggest Mazapán In The Entire World

Have you ever been curious what 18,000 pounds of mazapan looks like? The largest peanut mazapán dessert ever created belongs to Mazapan De La Rosa Owner! As per the ‘Guiness Book of World Records’, almost 70 people collaborated in 2018 to create a massive mazapán with a diameter of almost 10 feet! One of Mexico’s most famous candies is De la Rosa’s Mazapán de Cacahuate!

Jesus Michel Gonzalez: Personal Life

Jesus & Rosa exchanged marriage vows in ‘El Templo de la Pasión’ in Mexico City on May 19, 1957. Their eldest daughter, Lucy, was born 2 days after their very first anniversary. Later, Norma and later Laura would take over. The Diaz family spent several years in Chicago before relocating to Mexico City. They returned to the United States a year later, specifically to Delano, to visit Jesus’ mother and brother. The Diazs purchased a residence in Bakersfield during their tour, and they have resided here ever since.

Mazapán De La Rosa: Inspiration

Jesus Diaz called the business “Mazapan De La Rosa Owner” in honor of Rosa, his spouse of 51 years. The newlyweds attempted to launch a cake-making business out of their house at first, but they encountered some difficulties. The Diazs were resolved to fulfill their dream of having their own business and creating a piece of the dream for both themselves and their family. Since arriving in the country, they had experienced a lot, including traveling with their kids from Chicago to Bakersfield. Rosa started working here at the Hospital, where she later held positions as a switchboard operator, admissions clerk, and receptionist. She usually worked overnight hours.

Jesus was a machinist for Hood Industries at the time. Jesus’ boss once requested that he relocate the entire family to Florida so that he could work there, but Rosa refused. While Jesus continued to work as a machinist, this time for Tenneco, Rosa had established a cake decorating business by 1978, which she conducted out of a second home they bought for the venture. Jesus and Rosa learned how to make ice cream while staying with friends in Chicago and assisted them with running their ice cream factory. Jesus prepared Potato Lasagna the ice cream for two weeks while Rosa captured every step, from the preparation of the ingredients to the finished product. The Diazs claim that this is where the inspiration for opening their very own ice cream shop initially materialized. ‘Mazapan De La Rosa Ownern Fruit Bars’ was founded in east Bakersfield as a result in 1980.


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