Style is very sacred to every individual, it’s a form of self-expression which in a way says about a person’s personality (Lesbian Fashion). LGBTQ community also have their own sense of style in general, all rainbows and pastels and cool, bright colours… Lesbian, back in the 1950s used to dress up in a more masculine way..their style used to be androgynous. The history of lesbian fashion has been quite a thing to study… some of those trends are still prevalent, some have been modified and some are absolutely new. Here is a list of lesbian fashion aesthetics that I have summed up.

The Butch Lesbian (Fashion)

The butch lesbian also known as studs dresses up in a masculine way. They will wear probably an oversized Tee shirt, a button-up shirt, and pants and might keep their hair short. You can learn more here about the different types of tops by clicking on the link. They are mostly muscular in physique and they are often mistaken for men. If you fall into this category, you might be shopping from a men’s section a lot (Lesbian Fashion)

The femmes (Lesbian Fashion)

– Also known as The Lipstick Lesbians, these are more on the feminine side, they like to dress up in skirts, dresses and mostly girly stuff. They are often paired up with the studs and they don’t look like the stereotypical Lesbians, They embrace their femininity and queerness together.

The Chapstick Lesbian (Fashion)

A chapstick lesbian falls somewhere in between the masculine and feminine sides. They neither dress up like a guy nor fully like a. Girl, they often appear androgynous. They might wear heels with a blazer or slacks with a button-up shirt. They fall somewhere in between the two stereotypical genders.

Lesbian Fashion

The Power Lesbian

These lesbians are powerful, ambitious and a bada** people, who know what they want and are very open about their choices and are maybe just a smidge elitist. They come in all kinds of looks and styles and are not afraid of what other people think.

The Activist Lesbian

These are powerful women who are making significant changes for their people in the LGBTQ community, signing petitions, marching and doing other things.

These five stereotypes are just stereotypes, there is no way to be a lesbian or Look like one, these are just some aesthetics, just be you, you don’t have to dress like anyone to be like them. Just dress like how you feel!

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