Just Wish: NGO’s 2022 School Plans

Just Wish; an NGO making changes has indeed inspired many people to make a change. Just like 2021, they have planned to even their school projects to the next level. Hence, Just Wish is planning to make two schools in Uttarakhand, India. Despite these hill states of North do have finances, there are many remote areas where children have to walk for hours to reach the school. Hence, it does create a lot of problems for those who do not have a base to shine. 

“It is indeed not good to kill the time of the youth and do not spend it in the right direction. Hence, there should at least one school that can become the reason for many students to study and make an impact,” said Sushil Singh. 

These schools will help over 1,000 children to have a place to study very much near to their homes. Hence, it allows them to read well and make a plan that can help to many stars of future. Despite COVID being still active, it is crucial to invest in the right plans that can make a change to help for future needs. 

“It is indeed important to invest more in COVID care. However, there is always a need for a platform that can serve the purpose very well. Hence, a balancing act should be there. We have taken forward for making the future look better. It can only happen when there is a plan,” added Sushil, who is the co-founder of Just Wish. 

Just Wish has also targeted to set 500 projectors in various government schools. The main reason behind this is to provide a base to make things work very well so working-class people’s children can have mediums to study. 

“I was also a kid who used to study at a government school. So I know what it takes to have something that can make many things look better.” One can take a look at for more information. 


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