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Just Wish: Making Green Project A Mission

Just Wish has indeed done a great job in plating thousands of trees. They started their indicative with 1,000 in a year in 2018 and now grow 20,000 trees in a year. They did achieve this milestone in 2021. It helped many locations to feel the magic of green colour. 

As there are many people who still work a lot for making this world better, a push for growing trees does work wonders. Why should not the next generation be allowed to make a plan that can work very well? If they have fresh air, then it can only make things better. 

Just Wish also works with Nodia authorities in waste management. This factor allows them to make many places clean. Also, the recycling part is making profits that can be used very well to help those who need it the most. 

“I always think that there should be a plan that can make this world grinder. Walking for making the atmosphere better is crucial, so it taking a cab and making employment better. Hence, we have to mix and match things very well, said Sushil Singh.   

In New Delhi and other parts of India, pollution is killing the body of humans. It is creating a paradox that is hard to surmount. Hence, a plan for creating a stage that can help humans and animals to live would be great. It can help everyone to live where they should. A tiger does not look good around humans, it only looks good in the jungle with other animals. 

“We have to create a balance. The governments are doing a job – but help from other angles can do wonders. Therefore, it is crucial to take every step wisely. We will cross the 20,000 mark this month, making this world a better place,” added Sushil. 

A collective effort in making this world green can be wonders – but it does require a joint effort that can make a change.


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