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Just Wish: Every pack of meal is important!

Just Wish, a Non-Governmental Organisation, has created to make a plan that can serve thousands of people to get daily meals. In Delhi NCR and other religions in the North, Just Wish has created deals with several restaurants and hotels where they provide good food that does get wasted to those who need it the most. Just Wish took six months to make this thing done. 

“I was indeed a very challenging task and connecting delivers of food is a task – but with a plan and collective funding, anything is possible. It takes a plan and creative people around with pure hearts to make things special. 

“Making a plan is crucial as it allows us to bring the best plan in making something productive. Being a father, it is not good to see other kids and their family members feeling hungry and sleeping without food.

“Hence, even we feel happy and proud of what we are doing,” said Sushil Singh; co-founder of Just Wish. 

Just Wish also makes fresh food daily in Noida sector 64 for helping out those who need it the most. They have created a lot of great spots from where many people can eat food and leave another day with a good, not without. 

“If people are not getting good. It is impossible to demand the nation to come with creative ideas. We are lucky to have food – but there are many who do not have it. Hence, it is our duty to make people eat,” Sarita Rawat Singh stated. 

This is just a way to make this world a better place for all. When things are productive, it only makes the world better. It is very crucial to do the same for making a change of positivity. 


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