How to Use QR Codes for Lead Generation?

The act of identifying and nurturing potential customers for a business’s products or services is called lead generation. This process is an integral part of the sales cycle, which helps businesses identify and target ideal customers in a scalable and easily repeatable manner rather than going out blindly looking for them. In recent years, QR codes have emerged as a powerful lead generation tool as they are low in production costs, easy to integrate and deliver high usage rates and results. To generate QR code, there are many online tools are available. You can use them to create your QR code.

Using QR Codes to Generate Leads

Using QR codes for lead generation at trade shows, shop windows, lobbies, newspapers, online publications, and more. QR codes help businesses to gather information about their customers. Businesses can use the information to contact potential clients directly or implement targeted marketing and advertising campaigns to cultivate customers.

The use of QR codes in inbound marketing and sales is an effective means of attracting new clients and converting them into leads. Distributing content quickly and easily with dynamic QR codes (linking customers to websites, videos, PDFs, etc.) adds significant value to inbound marketing. Static QR codes, such as vCards and emails, make it possible for people to contact your business within seconds simply by scanning a code, making it a valuable tool in your inbound sales strategy. 

The QR code can be used in several ways for lead generation, and different QR codes can be used in various ways to achieve a company’s objectives and contribute to the sales process. This article explains how to use QR codes for lead generation with practical tips. 

Let us demonstrate some successful marketing ideas made possible by QR codes. 

Encourage people to reach out via email. 

Generate a QR code of your email for shop windows, surveys, business materials, and more to generate leads. By scanning the code, interested customers will automatically open the email app on their phone and receive a new, prewritten email with the business’ email address already included, making it easy for them to contact the business. 

Businesses only need to ensure that QR codes are scanned, and the ‘Send’ button in email apps is pressed. In addition, the rest of the lead generation process is automated. 

Share contact details with vCard QR codes when you design business cards

A QR code on a business card should be placed in the appropriate location, and the distribution channel should be considered. By scanning, people interested in your brand can become leads using your inbound marketing methodology. 

Using a vCard QR code in your shop window can initiate interest in someone interested in your service, as well as make it easier for you to generate leads. After scanning the vCard QR code and establishing a telephone and email contact with a sales representative, upselling is possible.

Make it easier for people to contact you via SMS 

As with static QR codes in emails, SMS QR codes have the same functionality. Whenever a user sees an eye-catching code and can contact a business directly by SMS, they do so conveniently. Businesses can generate leads that can later be converted into paying customers by collecting phone numbers.

For SMS codes, be sure to double-check the receiver’s number and add a message that you would like to appear automatically for anyone scanning it. It is important to ensure that your call-to-action is clear when designing a QR code. Make sure the message is easily understood, such as “Scan to send SMS”. 

Create a lead generation form with an incentive

By creating a form with QR codes, you can generate leads by encouraging users to leave their contact information. 

For example, you could offer a free voucher like a 2×1 deal at a restaurant in exchange for contact information. If they provide their name and email address in the lead generation form, you will be able to email them the voucher and add them to your list of leads.

Use banners and merchandise at events.

The use of QR codes on banners and other products at events is beneficial to you since people go specifically to these events to find services like yours. 

Using QR codes, you can establish connections and generate leads. Depending on the type of QR code you utilize, you may be able to collect contact information from people who leave their information.


You can generate QR codes for lead generation in a few minutes as they are easy to design, they bring brand awareness to a variety of industries, and they have numerous uses with a variety of calls-to-action buttons. Make your physical advertising more effective by linking it to digital advertising that generates leads rapidly.


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