How to make your PG living exciting?

When a student moves out of school, he has to pursue education in a metropolitan city. Even when he gets a placement, he has to start his life at a new accommodation altogether. It may not be possible for him to arrange a hotel or a flat everywhere he goes because it may not be affordable in the first place. In such a situation, it is only the facility of the paying guest that he can choose over everything else. 

The facility of a pg Koramangala is considered to be the best in terms of price and feasibility. This is actually helpful for most people to find the best Accommodation at the place where they either want to study or an Undertaker job. But most people usually complain that living in a PG is very boring. 

This article will try to focus on every single dimension that can help in making the life of a paying guest facility much more exciting and interesting for the people staying there. The list of all of these dimensions has been given in the following way. 

Try to make a rapport with the roommates.

It is advisable in the first place to make a proper relationship with the roommates instead of ignoring them. Paying guest facility is one which is shared by a lot of people who live there. It is not a personal property of a person. That is why it is the duty of the person staying there to get in touch with the people who also live along with him. 

This helps in the establishment of a good communication network which ultimately gets converted into a relationship or a friendship. It may be useful to a great extent for developing family-like relationships even in the paying guest facility. You communicate with all the people on a regular basis, and they become a part of your family. It helps in avoiding the feeling of homesickness because you mentally feel better after talking to them. 

Try to arrange events and functions.

Most of the people who live in a paying guest facility may end up missing their family on special occasions and festivals. It is considered to be one of the most important and essential types of loneliness that most people have to experience by living there. This is a mutual feeling which is shared by almost every person who lives in a paying guest facility. That is why in such a situation it is advisable to arrange events and functions on different types of occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

You can take the required permission from the landlord and celebrate this festival with each other. It will try to make you happy and also try to relieve you of all the pressure. It is one of the most amazing types of experience which can be learnt in the long run. This can definitely help in making your life at a PG very happy. 

Try to undertake sports.

One of the best places, in order to make your life more interesting and happy at a PG, is to undertake sports. Usually, there are gyms and other types of sports complexes available. All the people who are living in the paying guest facility can draw the maximum amount of advantage with the help of these sports facilities. 

It is considered to be the best in almost every type and manner. It is the perfect kind of facility which is helpful for promoting better development. It not only consumes most of your time but also tries to make a healthy lifestyle. You can play indoor games like table tennis and outdoor games like cricket or badminton depending on your preference. 

Try to watch movies and shows.

If you want to make life at a pg near Koramangala very exciting, then you can pick up the minute activities of the day. It is advisable in the first place to watch movies and web series together. You can also try to cook together or enjoy the mess. 

You can even go on morning walks or indulge in different types of competition for making your life much more interesting. All of these activities can definitely assist you in making your life interesting without even undertaking any kind of expenditure. It is rather a budget-friendly methodology to achieve the target. 


It can be concluded that life can be made interesting by simply incorporating certain types of changes. These changes try to promote Unity amongst all the people who live in a particular place. It is actually helpful for the development of great results over a period of time. It tries to make a better person out of all. This is really helpful for ensuring a smooth and healthy stay at a paying guest facility. 


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