How to Get More Instagram Comments Without Being Sleazy

You’ve found the right place if you want to get more Instagram comments without being too sleazy. Here are a few tips that will get your followers talking. Ask questions! If you post content that evokes a response, it will increase the number of comments you receive. If you are unsure what to post, try posting content that provokes reactions.

Post Content that Evokes Responses

One way to generate more comments on Instagram is to use provocative or emotional posts. Posts that are tied to holidays like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving will get more comments than normal. The more comments a post has, the more likely it is to be liked. buy ig comments cheap To get more comments on Instagram, try these three tips. These tips will make it more fun and help you gain more followers. These tips are also free!

Direct messaging (DM) is another great way to increase engagement on your posts. Your DMs will appear in the feeds of more users who are connected to you via the app. But remember not to be creepy, respond with an emoji and reply to every DM that seems appropriate. You’re not being creepy if someone comments on your post.

Asking for comments is another way to increase comments. Ask your followers to comment on your photo whenever possible. This will increase your chances of people commenting on your posts. This tactic is particularly effective if you have a long caption. Keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t display content chronologically so schedule your posts during peak hours.


The best way to generate more Instagram comments is to write posts that have a compelling story behind them. People are always attracted to posts that provoke their emotions. Posts that tie into a holiday, for instance, will get more comments than those that are not tied into the holidays. Here are some simple ways to generate more comments without being sleazy:

Ask questions: This is one of the best ways to get more comments on Instagram. These questions will not make users feel sleazy but will get them talking. These questions will give your followers two options, and they will be asked to choose the best one. Your engagement rate will increase significantly as a result. However, you may feel hesitant to use this tactic.

Use emoticons to ask for comments: Respond to any comments made on your photo using emoticons This will encourage more discussion and comments. Instagram insights show that people who comment more often are those who respond to their comments. Don’t assume that they won’t respond to your comments. It is possible that they aren’t regular Instagram users. Using emoticons on your posts will help you get more comments.

“This or That” Styled Questions

If you’re wondering how to get more Instagram comments without being slutty, try asking your followers what they think of your photos and videos. You’ll find that asking your followers their opinions will get you a ton of comments. Here are some tips to get more comments.

Make a “This or That?” question. This question will generate more comments because it requires no effort on your part. Answering the question will show that you care about their opinions and encourage them to comment. You can even give them two options: choose the best one. You will get more engagement the more comments you receive. Just remember not to use any “Tag a friend” tactics.

Run an Instagram Contest

It’s best to keep the rules of an Instagram contest simple. The rules for contests are simple: state that the contest is not associated with Instagram, ask contestants if they are over 13 years old, and include a hashtag in your content. If you want more involved rules, consider using an alternative means of sharing the contest details.

Photo challenges are one of the most popular Instagram contests. Your goal is to get followers to take a creative photo using a particular hashtag. This allows organizers to search for entries and increase their number of followers. Many brands ask their followers to take creative selfies in order to increase their following. This is an excellent way to gain organic exposure for your Instagram account.

Another good reason to run an Instagram contest is that only 2% of Instagram accounts run contests and giveaways. This means that your direct competition probably isn’t running a giveaway on Instagram. You can still create a contest with any size prize, from free swag to all-inclusive vacations. You have the option to choose! Remember, the more creative the contest, the higher the likelihood of it generating comments.

Promote Your Instagram Posts

There are many ways to promote your Instagram posts without being too sneaky. You can create a “sneak peak” account that allows you to post photos of your clients and staff. This will show the human side of your brand and build an emotional connection with your followers. A great way to get more comments for your Instagram posts is to ask your customers and clients to comment on them.

A This or That question is a great way to promote your posts. This question is easy to make and is easy to answer. You can ask people to explain a single word. Hosting a contest is another great way to promote your Instagram photos. You can either require people to tag their friends or simply comment on your photos to enter. Either way, your posts will receive more comments.


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