How to choose jewelry storage?

Synonymous with a special memory or simply magnificent in its beauty, a piece of jewelry is a unique treasure that deserves our attention both when it is on us and when it is not.
The problem is that the majority of women do not protect their jewelry sufficiently at home. In order to be able to always observe the same sparkle on our precious treasures, it is important to start thinking about the shelter in which they will sleep.
However, looking at the jewelry boxes from Galeries Antoinette, it is normal to hesitate about the storage you will choose.
… Jewelry box? Jewelry holder? Jewelry tree? How to choose jewelry storage for our pretty wonders?

1. Choose according to the quantity of jewelry to preserve.

First tip: realize how many pieces of jewelry you need to preserve. This may seem logical, but it is the first criterion that we must take into account when choosing a jewelry storage unit to protect our collection.
For people who only want to preserve one piece of jewelry, the range of jewelry cases is the most suitable collection. But when you have a medium-sized collection, it is essential to know the number of jewels that make up your collection in order to know which storage to choose. Once you have an idea of how many pieces of jewelry you need to protect, it is easy to determine which jewelry storage unit will be able to house them, depending on the size of the storage unit in question and the space it has.

2. Know what you want.

What we want is obviously jewelry storage that will preserve the brilliance of our treasures, but what else? Jewelry storage units differ in size, materials, style, and other characteristics; but the major collections (jewelry boxes, jewelry cases, jewelry holders, etc.) are distinguished by their function, by their main qualities defining them.
If you want to keep your jewelry in an enclosed space that will protect it from dust, you should look at jewelry cases (for lighter jewelry collections) and jewelry boxes (for larger collections). Jewelry storage with the ability to close promises the best preservation possible.
But maybe a jewelry storage unit means more to you than just a box? Contrary to what some people believe, jewelry storage does not preclude exposure, and jewelry tree and jewelry holder collections are proof of that.
Jewelry trees and jewelry holders, thanks to their branches and hooks that give them a considerable storage capacity, will be defined as objects on which you can organize and space your beloved treasures while giving them a unique presentation.

3. Know your needs

Do you want to store your jewelry in the best possible way inside a jewel box or display your jewels sublimely on an aesthetic object? By distinguishing jewelry boxes from jewelry holders, many women will know where to turn; but what do you really need?
If you don’t have any particular answer to this question, you are free to just choose the jewelry storage you want. But if on the other hand, you can see a particular need for the storage of your gems, we advise you to carefully analyze the different collections and their advantages.
For example, if you need jewelry storage that allows you to carry your jewelry wherever you want, the boxes and “travel” models of jewelry boxes should meet your needs.
On the other hand, if you need a decorative instrument that will liven up your interior while presenting itself as support where you can organize your small collection: the jewelry tree and the jewelry holder will be models that will satisfy you.

4. Choose storage that you love

Just like when you marvel at a shiny piece of jewelry behind a glass case, a jewelry storage unit should remind you of similar emotions.
Choosing jewelry storage that you love may sound like obvious and almost silly advice, but it is important to remember. It is indeed essential to choose a storage that you have not only chosen for its practicality but storage that you find sumptuous, storage that we like for its unique aesthetic dimension.
All of the jewelry storage units at Galeries Antoinette are beautiful in one way or another, so the only thing you’ll need to know is your taste and desires.
Leather, wood, glass, or velvet? Simplicity or luxury? The beautiful discretion or the remarkable sumptuousness? Once you have determined what you need, what fits your collection, what you want for your jewelry or your interior decoration, you only have to know what you prefer and thus, jewelry storage among others will stand out.


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